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good pork sandwich

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Just recently went for take-out at Mr.Jerk on Wellesley east of Parliament. Highly recommend their pork sandwich Caribbean style (on coco bun; don't know what the non-Caribbean option would be). The sweetness of the bread created a pleasing contrast with the spiciness of the meat. The pork was beautifully juicy, not overcooked. Very tasty, makes an excellent snack.

Wasn't as impressed with their rice and peas mains though. We had a jerk chicken dinner, and a chicken fricasse dinner. The jerk was okay, but the other chicken was much too salty (and it needed more sauce). However, the meat again was very moist. The dinners were also skimpy on coleslaw.

I hear that they also make very good rotis.

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  1. Used to get great ones at the old Macedonian Restaurants that no longer exist! What really works is to take some on a hike in nice weather. But make them yourself using fresh out of the oven garlicky roast pork, with olive oil sauteed/seeded hot banana peppers, salt & pepper, good thick slices of bread, simple and effective as the bread absorbs the flavours. Some very few places that make Italian sandwiches, roast Porcetta, don't see it very often. But I did last week way up on the west side plaza on Weston Rd. a minute north of Rutherford Rd. Fresh roast is essential!!! Anyone help Kasia with inner city freshly roasted Porcetta???

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      Trezanno Bakery (on Dufferin, just s. of Wilson on the west side) makes Porchetta every Friday, I think. Not exactly inner city, but in the city, at least. They call it "The Best Porchetta in the City" (who doesn't!).

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        thanks for the great suggestions - i was actually promoting the sandwich at Mr. Jerk, not looking for one. But will make sure to check out others.

    2. For a fantastic Ecuadorian pork sandwich check out La Fiesta at the NE corner of Vaughan and Oakwood. This little mom and pop hole in the wall is nothing fancy but Jose claims he has been making the pork with the same recipe for 16 years, and at $3.99 including soda price-wise it cannot be beat.

      1. Black Camel...either location...killer pulled pork sandwiches.

        1. omg, with the roasted roma tomatoes and the chili onions...sigh. Black Camel is a good thing.

          1. Don't know if they are still doing it, but one time I was in B espresso bar on Queen East, and they had a killer Porchetta sandwich... Good pizza too.

            1. I have always like just getting a box of the pulled pork from the hot food section at whole foods. Buy yourself a good bun and away you go.

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                  really?! Never occured to me that the pulled pork would be good at WF. I totally appreciate that tip

                2. Not the intent of the original post I realize, but since we're offering opinions... my vote would be the carnitas sandwich at Rebozos. Salty, greasy, porky goodness.

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                    wonder if they'll make that sandwich with the cochinita pibil. that would blow my mind!

                    As for the topic at hand: The pulled pork sandwich at Phil's Original is pretty decent. Max's Market in Bloor West Village has a 'cubanito' sandwich (when you can find it-- it's in their cooked food section) that's pretty good for prefab.

                  2. Whole Foods has an excellent (on the sweet side) pulled pork on their hot table. I put it in an oven for 15 mins at 350 and then dump the gooey delight on a piece of toast, baguette or garlic toast: can't be beat !

                    1. Chinese Traditional Buns does an interesting take on a pulled pork sandwich. yummy five-spiced pulled pork oozing from the sides of what seems like a cross between an english muffin and a tea biscuit. Cheap and tasty!

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                        What do they call this dish at Chinese Traditional Buns? Last time I was there I spotted a table eating them (they looked delicious...) but I couldn't find them on the menu.

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                          I think it's called a mongolian hamburger.