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Jan 21, 2005 08:46 AM

LA Rose Bakery

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What's this bakery like?
I heard they have a nice hot table.



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  1. I've had the rice balls from there which are very good in my humble opinion. Also chicken fingers are good and nice white meat. Other items look tasty but have yet to try them

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      Check out the bakery too! If you like very coarse bread they have Fibre Bread, just delicious toasted with peanut butter. Keeps you regular too........better than a length of barbed wire and a Hudson's Bay Blanket. (favorite saying of my AB relatives) And, it is right where described above 140 Larose ave.

    2. It's near Eglinton and Royal York. It's in the plaza that is a block or two north of Eg and a block or two east of Royal York (sorry I can't be more specific, but if you pull up a map of the intersection, you'll see La Rose St.). Be warned, it's packed on weekends.

      1. There's a small squarish bun sized hunk of bread they sell in the back lefthand corner.. It's got a tough shell on it, dark brown.. I looove that bread. It's sort of like sourdough inside, very soft and chewy inside, with a thick hard crust that's hard to chew.

        I drive over just for a few of those every once in a while. Also to play with the bread slicing machine.

        1. Been there a few times and it is an excellent little bakery with a great hot table. Their pizza is great, their panzarotti is great. I had their rice ball and it was delicious too. My favorite from there is the Chicken and Veal parm, toss on some mushrooms and peppers and its soooo delicious!

          They also have tons of bread items and a deli counter so you can get them to make a sandwich for you too.