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Jan 19, 2005 05:29 PM

?Toronto Good Mexican PLEASE???

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Where can I go for great Mexican (with a clean kitchen if you know what I mean).

Central Toronto would be ideal.

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  1. There are lots of places on Bloor St., near Clinton. Just can't remember the names.

    Otherwise, there is Gonzo's on O'Connor and El Sol on Danforth at Monarch Park Avenue.

    And please...don't generalize about ethnic eateries. There are good and bad hygiene places throughout the city.

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    1. re: Eva

      My fav is El Sol on the danforth at Monarch Park

      1. re: Eva

        I hate to disagree, but I found Gonzo's to be just about the worst thing I ever ate in my young life. Quite a bit of therapy has allowed me not to remember specifics, but believe we had a sample plate, and it was not pretty...The owner was a lovely guy though, I must say. As for El Sol on the Danforth, if you get past the obscene time it takes for service, it's adequate, but the aforementioned downtown alternatives are far superior in my opinion.

        1. re: Eva

          Haven't tried a lot of the others but El Sol is my favourite inthe city and beats Jalapeno's handsdown IMHO. Agree about the service though, it once took almost 75 minutes for a sampler plate to come out to us, and we swore (before it arrived) we'd never go back. HOWEVER, once we tasted the food we were back every week for the next month! Just planned to arrive before the dinner rush!

        2. m
          Margaritas mmm

          Dos Amigos at Bathurst and Davenport was great the last ttime I was there. Outrageously good mole, and enormous premium margaritas. :)

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            second Dos Amigos, never had a bad meal there and their Margarita's are to die!

            1. re: Margaritas mmm

              And a third vote for Dos Amigos. Authentic cuisine, high quality and great value. One of the rare cases in this city where you can say those three things in one sentence.

            2. Hernando's Hideaway on Yonge and Wellesley is good and another of my fave's is Tacos El Asador on Bloor between Bathurst and Christie.

              1. Depends on what you call good. If your standards are what you get in the southwest, then there aren't any "good" places here. There used to be a passable place in Missisaugua (of all places!) years ago, but they are now gone.

                I've also heard the chef at Hernando's is actually quite good, but said that people in Toronto don't appreciate real Mexican food, so he quit making it and just serves up the usual Tex-Mex.

                1. I'm Mexican and there are few "real" Mexican restaurants in Toronto:
                  Jalapeno, the best Mexican I know of (just East of King & Bathurst)
                  El Jacalito (Royal York)
                  El Trompo (Augusta) - great for tacos

                  There are some others that I haven't tried but that other Mexicans have recommended such as El Mariachi (Eglinton West or Yonge Street), La Mexicana (just north of Yonge & Bloor)

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                  1. re: Laura

                    I've been to El Mariachi and loved it. I have never been to Mexico, so can't comment on authenticity, but I think the food tastes great here (eg west location).

                    Also, it appears to be run by mexicans, it is clean and has a nice atmosphere. Prices are good.

                    1. re: Monte

                      Mexicans in town here did mention this specific restaurant when I inquired about a good Mexican restaurant, years ago, have enjoyed the restaurant a lot since, and being there so long also is a good sign!

                    2. re: Laura

                      I agree with all of your choices. I'm not Mexican, but have a fair bit of experience with Mexican food. The Winterlicious festival is a great time to go to Jalapenos, as it provides really good value. If you're after tacos, Mexitaco and El Trompo are both good, but unfortunately not as good as tacos en la calle en Mexico. And El Jacalito is a fun place to visit, with entertainment and a buffet on Saturday nights.

                      1. re: Laura

                        The original La Mexicana is on Bathurst, a little south of Wilson. I thought it was pretty good.