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Jan 18, 2005 05:34 PM

Recs around Yonge/Bayview and York Mills

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Anybody have recommendations for this area? Looking for good food, reasonably priced where I can bring the family. Already know about Crazy Sushi, Asian Legend, Outback Steak House and Congee Wong. Would like to know if there are any more gems out there that I have missed. Thanks.

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  1. I would go to Congee Queen. A bit of a drive from the area that you stated but it's a great place. Located across the street from Don Mills Library on Lawrence Avenue East.

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    1. re: Viola

      What a coincidence! I stopped there for the first time last nite. Tried the Curried Pad Thai with chicken and shrimp..was simply amazed-piping hot dish,good-sized portion,great spicing and mix of ingredients,flavourful pot of tea with it..I'll be taking friends back there for sure.

    2. That's my neighbourhood as well, and I can tell you that the immediate area is kind of a chowhound wasteland.

      Check out the various asian (mostly japanese and korean) restaurants on Spring Garden Rd. -- which runs east off Yonge, a couple of blocks north of Sheppard. All are family friendly and reasonably priced. There's also a little Korean grocery store on the street, which is really handy for many of those hard-to-find chinese/japanese/korean ingredients! I discovered this gem of a street from other chowhounds on the board.

      And south of York Mills on Yonge, I really like Sapori Trattoria (on the east side of Yonge, somewhere around Roslin, I think). It's a lovely little italian restaurant, with good food and good service, though it might be little pricier than equivalent places in little italy. But you can't beat Luigi, the owner/maitre d', greeting you ebulliently you at the door!

      And if you want to drive 5 minutes down Bayview, south of Eglinton, there are a few places that are definitely family friendly: Duff's for wings, Satay on the Road for Thai (not the best Thai in Toronto, but good for families), Original's for pub food (avoid the terrible hamburgers). And best of all, Hollywood Gelato for dessert!

      On a separate note, the best delivery to the Yonge/Bayview/York Mills area I have found is Thai Plate, which is on Bathurst, near Wilson (I'm amazed they deliver so far east). Haven't eaten in the restaurant, though have ordered delivery regularly and have always been really happy. VVM has written a couple of glowing reviews of the restaurant, so check below for more info.

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      1. re: Jo

        There's an even closer location of 'Satay on the Road' for this neighbourhood. It's on Avenue Road, a few blocks south of Wilson Ave., next to a pub.

        1. re: The Vok

          Satay on the road could be the worst Thai food in Toronto-maybe even Canada for that matter!! And I really don't think Thai plate is significantly better. Yonge between Lawrnce and York Mills is a chowhound wasteland. There are about 15 different pizza chains, a couple of pubs, a lousy Greek Place and a few very average Italian places (Gamberoni, Sapori, Parmigiana)Piazetta, just south of Loblaws makes a decent thin crust pizza, and Coppi is a pretty good Italianish seafood reataurant but pretty expensive. Monkey Bar (a restaurant-not a bar bar) is okay and Trappers is great for the Ft. Lauderdale Crowd (early birds). If you head over to Avenue Road, the choices are a bit better. The Steak Pit is pretty good for eat-in or take-out ribs and steak, the Bistro IMHO has the best wings in the city and Sushi Days (the most underrated Sushi in the city) is at Avenue and Melrose. Rossini's, the epitomy of old style italian is a couple blocks north and has terrific pizza.

          1. re: rob

            Rossini's has a great shrimp and pesto pizza with pine nuts. I used to work in the area and ordered it every time.

            1. re: rob

              You mentioned the Steak Pit... it is actually my favourite restaurant. It has been on the North Toronto scene for over fifty years in the same family. The owner Tom Vigneux is always there to great you, the steak is always cooked to perfection, the ribs are the best in town, you can fill up on a bottomless basket of garlic bread and the relish tray, and the prices are very fair. If you like Steak and or Ribs, the Steak Pit at 1666 Avenue Rd is a must visit!

              1. re: rob

                Here's a reply 7 years later and I couldn't agree more. I'd seen this place many times driving down Bayview and a friend and I finally checked it out last night. The menu looked interesting, the food looked fresh, the sauces looked tasty. But man, can looks deceive! Every dish was bland and tasteless. Putting hot sauce on just made it hot and tasteless. No marriage of ingredients - just a bunch of stuff thrown into a pot (microwave?) and quickly heated up. And to top it all, this place apparently got the Best Thai Food in Toronto award from Eye Weekly in 2008 and 2009. Makes you despair for the average taste bud.

              2. re: The Vok

                ugh...all I dare recall from the Bayview Ave Satay on the Road is a horrid, horrid fish cake.

                1. re: westhead74

                  Ooh, I had those, too. Yucky. But if you stick with the standard Thai fare (noodles, stir fries), it's fine for a family dinner.

                  1. re: Jo

                    I would rather starve than eat that ketchupy gloop they pretend to call Pad Thai.-I'd rather eat one of my own fingers!!

                  2. re: westhead74
                    crepes suzette

                    In the general area, Sorn Thai is on Yonge between Lawrence and Eglinton, just north of St Clements I believe. The food is miles better than Satay on the Road. The ambiance and service are very nice too. They deliver, though I'm not sure of their delivery area.

                    1. re: crepes suzette

                      also they have great lunch deals for around 7.00 and food is always hot and fresh

                2. re: Jo

                  I am also familiar with the area and have found little to recommend. Cuisine of India used to be the best in area, but it has slid a little. Ichiban (the one on Spring Garden) isn't bad. Marche is at least something different.