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Jan 17, 2005 02:59 PM

St. Andrew's Fish and Chips

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Any reviews on this place? It's in Scarborough.
My last fish and chips outing was to Old Galley
in Richmond Hill which I liked.

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  1. Haven't been lately, but my 2 faves are Penrose on Mt. Pleasant (smallish portions, I think), and Olde York on Laird.

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    1. re: blair

      Reliable Halibut and Chips on Queen Street East at Verral - next to the Shoppers Drug Mart has a new owner for about a year now - the place is renovated and the food is excellent.

    2. Have only tried the deep-fried Mars bars, which were pretty good.

      1. Old Galley is now closed. Very dissapointing.

        1. Been a few times. It's not bad. Nice, chunky chips, good fish. I've been frequenting the German place one block east more often though.

          1. Great place ! Om nom nom....