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Jan 12, 2005 11:07 AM

normandy butter

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I know this has been brought up - but well in the past - but does anyone know where we can find normandy butter?? the real, imported thing? (rather than a remake)


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  1. Alex Farm Products in St. Lawrence Market imports various dairy products (in addition to cheese) from France. It's right on the far back wall, near St. Urbain Bagels. They definitely carry French butter, but I don't know for certain if it's Normandy butter. Here's their number: 416-368-2415.

    Below is a link to their site. They also have a few other locations in Toronto.


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    1. re: Ma Po Tofu

      I believe I started the 'original' thread on butter and constantly stay aware of what isn't available. For practical purposes, imported butters are kept out by the same watchdogs that tried to ban 'fresh' sushi. I've never found decent butter at Alex - and I regularly visit and ask.
      Your best bet is a 'Normandy-style' butter which is also a cultured butter. In the past year the only two I've found are the House-Brand ones made by Loblaws and A&P (Dominion). Indeed the Loblaws is also called 'Normandy-style'. Both come in salted and unsalted versions, and are about $1 more than run-of-the-mill butter (and WELL worth the extra).
      The Loblaws (Presidents Choice)is slightly creamier, and the Dominion/A&P is sweeter. Try both - they're really only available in the upscale locations of each chain.

      1. re: estufarian

        I too buy the Loblaws brand and it's quite tasty.
        Will have to try Dominion.

        1. re: Maureen

          The Dominion brand is called "Our Compliments" and has a sub-title
          "European Style".

          If you travel outside Ontario and look for Normandy style please ignore the 'President' Brand - it's not worth it (other Normandy may be).
          The best I've found anywhere is Burro Ocelli - an Italian butter that will make you believe again.

    2. Can you tell me what the difference is (other than an obviously more enjoyable flavour) between Normandy style and regular butter?

      1. Try The Cheese Boutique. They have even carried unpasturized Italian butter in the past (omigod it's awesome!).