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May 4, 2001 06:08 PM

monsoon or kingfish cafe

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i'm interested in trying out these restaraunts on capital hill- however everyone says that the lines are awful. is it worth it? any suggestions on when to go to avoid a long wait? thanks!

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  1. A wait is worth the effort only if the food rocks. Well, I can say with authority that the food at Monsoon is blah blah blah de dah. I've always been mighty stoked with the food at the Kingfish, but the lines truly are looooooooong. I would say you should eat there on a weeknight and get there earlyish to avoid the after 6 rush (they've got a very strict no reservations rule and a no-seating rule until your entire party arrives.. no table squattin'!). As for what to order..welllllllllll.... the buttermilk fried chicken is the obvious choice. I like their HUGE slabs of cake for dessert. And if memory serves me, the grand little lady who makes their desserts also made desserts for Plenty. The food here is guaranteed to make your ass get bigger, so eat with joy.
    And if I might plug another Capitol Hill restaurant, I'd have to put in a pitch in for the kitschy Spaghetti Red's. The food is just slightly better than average, but the atmosphere is just fab dahling. The wait staff is total indie rock wannabes, so don't forget to tip over your red wine, wink wink.
    And Cassis next door has a kickin prix fix early dinner that won't screw yer budget.

    1. You can enjoy a good meal at Monsoon and Kingfish during a weekday lunch when the lines are not as long. I can't say enough good things about both places.

      At monsoon I highly recommend the Chilean Sea Bass or the banana leaf-wrapped halibut.

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        Hey, I'm Asian, so it goes that I'd love Monsoon, right? Not! No arguing that the food is good, but the baaaad acoustics and high prices are enough to keep me away. One night I went there with a party of six, and you had to shout to talk to the person next to everyone in the room is yelling and it gets to be one deafening evening. Another time I dined with a party of three and my portion of the tab was $50...what, for Asian food? I think I'll just stay home and eat spam musubi or head to the I.D.

      2. I think Kingfish is great, and so is Monsoon.
        Honestly though, it would be comparing appples and oranges on the fare.

        Monsoon is delectable, and personable asian cusine you don't exactly find cruising around Belltown. Their wine list is great, and so is the seared ahi tuna with green papaya and mango salad. They also serve a luxurious ginger cake for dessert w/ a fresh brew of coffee ala` press...All forms of payment accepted here, and sometimes, you may have to wait about 15 minutes for a seat.

        The Kingfish, yes, has long lines. Soul food done right should be worth the wait. But isn't that a sign of good eats (usually)? Well worth the wait, and the food is delightful. Especially the salad with the real honey drenched bacon bits. They also have a huge coconut cake for dessert that you may need to share with 4 people! Cash and checks only @ the Kingfish.

        1. Kingfish is truly my favorite restaurant in's a way to beat the lines if you are willing to go early.... I usually will get there around 5:30 when people just start showing up. Yes you have to wait until six until it opens but you will get a table and yes it is worth the wait!
          The chicken is fantastic but I always get the crab cakes and the catfish...I don't like greens but I love the ones there. I also love the atmosphere and the music they play...most of the people who work there have been there since the first day the doors opened.
          They also have a great little wine list...enjoy!