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searching for a venue

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I'm looking for a restaurant/lounge in Toronto where I could have my wedding. It's looking like the guest list will be about 200.

We are not interested in a formal meal - just hors d'ourves and food stations. Essentially a cocktail party with really yummy and abundant food.

A place with a nice patio for the ceremony would be ideal - but at this point everything is up for debate...

I've already thought of:
The Drake Hotel
Ultra Supper Club
York Event Theatre

Any thoughts on these venues or other possilities that will fit my criteria would be much appreciated!

Also - just in case this route doesn't pan out - which caterers do you chowhounds prefer?


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  1. Casa Loma does that sort of event quite well.

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      I was at a friend's wedding lasat summer at Oakdale Golf Club on Jane between Wilson and Sheppard. The dining room and reception are is beautiful and the head chef James Suanders was written up in Toronto Life about a year ago. At the wedding they served tons of hors deuvres and had different food stations set. (beef tenderloin, smoked slamon, dim sum and more) The patio over looks the golf course and you feel like you're in Muskoka instead of the heart of the city. I don't think you have to be a member to have a party there (my friend isn't).The food and beverage manager used to work at Buckingham Palace.

      Link: http://www.oakdalegolf.com

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        Try the Art Gallery. They have a beautiful chapel. I went to a wedding there and the food was fabulous. Best of luck!

    2. my sister got married at the capitol and it was beautiful! not a patio but still quite nice!

      1. my sister got married at the capitol and it was beautiful! not a patio but still quite nice!

        1. I had my wedding recption at McLean's house at the estates of sunnybrook. We had apps and food stations and the food was divine. They also had a patio area. It was perfect and they took care of everything - it was flawless from start to finish.

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            I have been to a couple of day weddings at Mclean House and the other room (which name I can't remember)and all have been great. My only complaint is that there's no air conditioning and the last one I was at was humdid July afternoon. Everyone was drenched and very uncomfortable. I also have never been to an evening party there-only day weddings. yOu don't know me to truat me but call Oakdale Golf Club. It is the premier club in the city-416-245-3500.

          2. I went to a really beautiful wedding on the upper floor of the Courthouse that was very similar to what you are looking for. Might be worth giving them a call.

            57 Adelaide Street East

            1. The Carlu, that amazing art deco place which was renovated a couple of years ago the old College Park Eatons location.

              Link: http://www.thecarlu.com

              1. I would also recommend the McLean House at the Sunnybrook estate. I was there once for a wedding. The couple had afternoon tea service rather than a full dinner. As Rob said, it can get really hot there because the yard has no shade at all.

                The other place I have been to that is really nice is Liberty Grand. There is a courtyard in the middle of the building. The courtyard was good size for about 200 people for the ceremony. And there were wait staff walking around with hors d'oueve while the group pictures were being taken. There will be shades on really hot days because it's in the middle of the buildings. Also, they have three different halls so accommodate different size of your group. The reception dinner was very good.

                1. We had Daniel et Daniel cater our work Christmas party a couple of years ago. Excellent excellent food! Their site actually offers a list of venues for you to think about. I found their staff to be professional and really wonderful to deal with.

                  If you are looking for a cocktail spot you could look at someplace like the Sandra Ainsley gallery in the Distillery. Beautiful place with lots of different rooms where you could do food stations. Expensive I suspect though...

                  Enjoy your wedding! Have fun with the planning.

                  Link: http://www.danieletdaniel.ca/

                  1. If you are looking for a downtown location with a beautiful patio wedding, (Gazebo, waterfall, ourdoor patio bar, and so) you should check out Le Petit Liban. I attended one of my friend wedding last summer, was very impress with the food and services.

                    Link: http://www.lepetitliban.com

                    1. La Maquette on king might be a good option.
                      Had you ever been to curiosity, if so have you seen that chef?

                      1. Try Hart House at the university of Toronto
                        or the Distillery