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Apr 26, 2001 02:28 PM

What's recommended in Kitsap County? (nt)

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    Christine Llobregat

    Kitsap County Recommendations:

    Kingston: Wildflour Cafe in the old Kingston Hotel
    Bainbridge Island: Ruby's, Moonfish, Cafe Nola, BI Sushi House, Four Swallows, Harbour House Pub
    Silverdale: Only if you enjoy eating food at chain restaurants or malls.

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    1. re: Christine Llobregat

      To be fair to the Silverdale restaurant scene...when we lived on Bainbridge and shopped in Silverdale on occasion, we found two favorite ethnic places. Bhan Thai, related to the one by Seattle Center, is excellent. Also, Hakata, a strip mall Japanese place is quite good. Sorry, can't remember the directions etc, but I'm sure they're in the phone book. Susan C