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Apr 25, 2001 06:58 PM

New Restaurants to Seattle?

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Does anyone know of any new restaurants in town? Looking for somewhere new and "nice" (but not too stuffy) to go for a special occasion.

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  1. Restaurant Zoe in Bell Town. It's great, not overpriced or at all stuffy. Parking is not at all fun (but it never is in Bell Town). The last time I ate there was January and they had a great hanger steak on the menu that I really liked.

    I went to 10 Mercer again and liked it better the second time. I like the complicated flavors of some of the dishes, just be careful what you order (do not order dessert, that's one thing they haven't gotten right). I liked the Minterbrook fried oysters and very good Penn Cove mussels in a zippy curry sauce.

    I've heard good things about Falling Waters and was thinking of heading there. Anyone have any thoughts on that one?

    I've heard 96 Union was good. Haven't tried it yet, but would love to hear from anyone who has.

    1. It isn't brand new, but what about Le Pichet (on first avenue). I've eaten there twice and have really enjoyed it each time - I also love the small, intimate atmosphere. Took some visiting friends there - they really enjoyed it as well

      1. We dig Waterfront right now. I know, it's 'trendy', not so new (about 10 months old) and some might consider it stuffy. But the food is terrific, the view is awesome and perfect for a special occassion.

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          I used to live on the Eastside and used to eat at the Yarrow Bay Grill. When I found out the chef was going to open a place in Seattle, of course I checked it out. It's very cool, but jesus, could they put a few things on the menu that don't cost as much as your cable bill? Don't get me wrong, the quality is there, but how about a few good dishes that are about $10 less for us girlies on a budget?

          1. re: ms. wasabi
            Patrick (formerly ZinMan)

            I agree, Ms Wasabi . . . it ain't cheap. But, I have received FAR more entertainment out of one of their dishes than I have from my cable bill, so that's a trade I'll make anytime. :) Plus, they have some bills to pay - that rent, those surroundings - their fixed costs must be insane. That is one thing I wish we could get away from - let a great chef just cook terrific food in a just a nice surrounding. We don't need waterfalls and dancing bears . . . and often I am not thrilled about paying for them! I will, however, pay a lot for the very best food. Priorities, restauranteurs, priorities.

            1. re: Patrick (formerly ZinMan)

              While I agree with your sentiments about good food in simple rooms, I don't feel that a majority of customers do.

              In a funny way the larger development in the Seattle dining scene has been towards the dancing bear ambience. The established "chef" restaurants(Rover's,Lampreia,Shiro's,Le Gourmand etc)have all operated in fairly minimal settings when compared to the food. In the last couple of years I feel Mistral and The Harvest Vine are the only restaurants of this type to open.

              This is not say that good restaurants have not opened within the last couple of years, but that these good restaurants also serve as entertainment vessels, hence the proliferation of dancing bears IMO.

        2. If I were brand new to Seattle, I would kiss someone who recommended the smokin newish Wasabi Bistro. Despite my handle, I have nothing to do with this establishment, but I am -- as my name indicates -- a huge fan of all things Wasabi.
          I discovered Wasabi bistro when I was dining with friends who wanted to go to Fandango. Well, one look at the line, I enticed my friends across the street when I saw the Wasabi sign. We bolted across the street and were very pleased. Good food, good value. But you still get screwed on parking (just like everywhere else in that neighborhood).

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            Sorry, but Wasabi Bistro, well, kinda sucks. The atmosphere is daunting, (mainly b/c it's always dead) and prices are definately Belltown high, high, high. Not worth it if you ask me, although I do have to say that some of the sushi rolls are really good and huge and the fish is high grade.
            Haven't been to Waterfront, but probably won't. Most of the people I know who have been there, mostly chef's and food lovers of Seattle, say it's "okay" and again prices are high. Service is extremely iffy, I've heard, and food is nothing creative.
            For a really great new restaurant in Belltown, Restaurant Zoe is the way to go. Yes, the prices are high there too, but the food and atmosphere are actually worth it (can't say that a lot in Belltown) The owner is the old chef from the 3rd Floor Fish Cafe in Kirkland, and he has mastered the art of seafood. However, the Hanger Steak is incredible. Bar is also fun and well thought out for pre-dinner drinks, wait staff is friendly (what a change) and almost anything on the menu is good (also check out the pork...mmm)
            Also good and sorta "new" is the new Wild Ginger. Although the new location is more LA than Seattle, the food is still rockin, and believe or not, actually affordable. You can get half orders of everything, which is enough for two people, or just order the satay. They have a huge special menu every night. I would suggest going during the week, especially Sunday and Mondays, and they also have live jazz on those nights.