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Dec 24, 2004 10:22 AM

What is the best dessert in Toronto?

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I have had some incredible meals and desserts in this city, but consistently, my favourite dessert has to be the phyllo wrapped chocolate cheescake with fresh berry compote served at the Corner House. Crispy, still warm on the inside, tart, sweet but not to sweet... it is to die for!

Any challengers?

And please make them original and specific to one restaurant. I love molten chocolate cakes and creme brulees too but you can pretty much get them anywhere these days.

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  1. The two best places I've had dessert are:

    a. Pangaea for anything. I'm not sure if she is still there but their pastry chef last year was to die for.

    b. Susur's degustation dessert plates with a little bit of everything, including unbelievable homemade ginger ice cream. Don't think you can just drop in for coffee though, which is a shame.

    As this list is a litte exclusive, I will also include:

    a. Athen Pastry for their loukamades.
    b. Greg's for roasted marshmallow ice cream.

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      Mmmmm Athens Pastry loukamades are the bomb.

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        Malena's loukamades are closer to the real deal, if you ask me. Fried a la minute, and served with chopped pistachios, cinnamon crema, and a honey based syrup. Unlike Athen's loukamades, Malena's loukamades aren't syrup bombs that squoosh when you bite into them. Malena's loukamades are more like beignets drizzled with warm honey syrup.

        The chocolate cannoli filled with marscarpone espresso cream at Malena is the best version of a cannoli I've tasted, although it's a contemporary take on a cannoli, so traditionalists might be disappointed. The lemon phyllo tart with lemon semifreddo was quite good.

        The best dessert I've eaten recently was the lemon curd tart with preserved grapes, topped with Italian Meringue, which was served by Chef Chris Brown at a special event at the Stop. Delicious.

      2. re: bluedog

        The phyllo blueberry dessert at Messis, served hot, a la mode. I also love Joanne Yolles coconut cream pie at Scaramouche. But I think the #1 dessert experience I've had in Toronto was at the old Susur.

        97 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M5S1G4, CA

        601 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1M5, CA

      3. Try the 'Dessert TASTING menu' at "Perigee". Available after 9.30pm. $30 for three totally different options. One can even have 'wine-pairing' to go with each dessert!

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        1. Allen's on the Danforth makes a bread pudding which, for some reason, I can't get enough of.

          Susur's desserts are awesome as are Perigee's in the Distillery District.

          Actually, yeah, Perigee is best I'd have to say.

          1. Well as far as phyllo wrapped cheesecake...the banana caramel one at the Boiler House blows my socks off!!!

            1. I love the creme brulee at La Maquette on King and Church. I have tried it many other places and it's never as smooth and vanilla-y as it is here.
              I also second the roasted marshmallow ice cream at Greg's.

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