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Dec 20, 2004 08:28 AM

Philly Cheese Steak

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Hi All.....

I'm really craving a philly cheese steak!!!!
Are there any decent ones to be had in the GTA? I've only had a few bad examples, substance on a bun that bore absolutely no resemblance to reall Philly Cheese Steak.

Can anyone help out?


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  1. If only I could help...

    Since I moved to the West End from New York in '99 I have been on the search to find a decent Philly style cheesesteak. I haven't even been able to find something like "Steak Umms" which are the frozen processed ones that you can use at home.

    All the ones I have tried were sad examples... not enough meat, lousy roll, etc.

    My christmas trip this thursday back to NJ will surely include a few cheesesteaks!

    Can anybody help us?

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    1. re: stephen

      T.O. Steaks ( on the North side & closer to Islington) may very well have the best Philly cheesesteaks in the city.

      1. re: tom

        Anyone been to T.O. Steaks?

        1. re: ford

          TO Steaks has the best cheesesteak I've had in Toronto and I've returned a number of times. I haven't had a cheesesteak in downtown Philly, so true connoisseurs of the sandwich might disagree. They also have a chicken alternative which is very good too.

          I've talked to the workers (owners?) there, and they defend the quality of their ingredients, and swear that they are chopping the shrooms, peppers and onions on a daily basis. I can't imagine anyone being disappointed with their sandwich. Only thing is, you might want to call first in the evenings, as they tend to close early some nights.

          1. re: Oxtail

            Thanks for the reco,

            TO Steaks is pretty close to my house... so I will be checking it out as early as tonight. Can't wait for this guilty pleasure.

            1. re: stephen

              Where exactly is it please?

              Also, Stephen, please post a review after your meal tonight!


              1. re: Cheech5001

                TO Steaks
                942 The Queensway

                1. re: Oxtail

                  I found out about this place last spring when The Toronto Star reviewed the best Philly Steaks during the hockey playoffs. The article's quest for the best was among the major chains (Subway, Mr Sub, Quiznos), if memory serves, foot noting the more 'original' T.O. Steaks.

                  Great experience. Try the spicy mayo with your onion rings! yummmmm

                  The Brother

                  1. re: The Brother

                    does TO steaks have an online menu? Whats the prices of their steaks there?

      2. re: stephen

        There is a new restaurant that opened in Mississauga Dundas/Hurontario, where they grill the cheese steak on STONE~!! I think that was the best tasting philly cheese steak..I think it was called Duncan's Stone Grill...

      3. Is this place still around?

        1. I just had a great Philly Cheesesteak at Hal Burger. It was the special, but I think it is on the menu pretty regularily.

          1. TO Steaks is closed... sadly.

            1. isn't there a TO Steaks on college, east of spadina on the south side, near einstien's?

              never eaten there, but have noticed it when walking by.

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              1. re: mainja

                I've seen it too. Never eaten there though. It is on the south side just east of Beverly/St. George.