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Apr 18, 2001 10:41 PM

Seattle report, in brief

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Hi all, and thanks to everyone for your suggestions from a couple of weeks ago. I had two and a half days in seattle, and so chose the following food experiences:

Lunch on Wednesday, April 11: Sazerac. I was staying at the Four Seasons, and Sazerac was just up the street. Had a late lunch there, and had a wonderful gumbo and a quail etoufee. The food was really excellent, and they had a nice selection of wines by the glass, which can be rare. I skipped dessert, but found the place to be fun, the food to be excellent, and the service good.

Dinner: Palace Kitchen. A Tom Douglas place. I was alone, and found a seat at the bar, which I always love as a lone diner. Bar areas always seem more hospitable to lone diners. Had the Manila Clams in a lemony broth, followed by a ricotta and spring onion ravioli with fennel and other good things. Really excellent. I loved sitting at the bar to watch the semi-open kitchen. Cool place.

Dinner: Thursday, April 12. Le Pichet. My meetings ran somewhat late, and I sort of just stumbled onto Le Pichet. I found it to be charming and tasty. I don't know much about the place, but started with a great pork terrine, served with cornichons, etc. and then followed that with a wonderful seared venison loin served over a bubbling gratin of fennel and potatoes. Absolutely great stuff, all washed down with red wine. Dessert was a strawberry ice cream.

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  1. You couldn't have eaten better in town, if you ask me. I am so glad you went to Palace---one of my suggestions. And Le Pichet---it's fairly new (6 months old) and was opened by the former chef of Campagne, a very old and famed restaurant in Pike Place Market. While there, the chef earned 4 stars, so his Le Pichet opening was anticipated, to say the least.
    Glad you enjoyed your stay.

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      There is no decent dim sum in Seattle. The best and closest is in Vancouver, BC, in the restaurant in the historic Marine Building at the foot of Burrard Street downtown.

      1. re: Charlie

        Can you recommend other good B.C. (specifically Vancouver) restaurants?

        1. re: sue

          There is a seafood place down on False Creek called "C" -- yep --just the letter C. I'd love to go back. . . we had one of those dinners where we all ordered different entrees and kept passing forks and trading bites! The best was the seared scallops wrapped in bacon made from octopus -- yum! I haven't been there for over a year, so I hope it is still as good. . . .

          1. re: foodfan

            Another magnificent restaurant in Vancouver is Lumiere. They do prix fixe menus, all of which are subtle, delicious experiences. Order the wine flight to accompany each course. The service is top notch, friendly, completely professional. By far the best dining experience I have had in Vancouver. They are opening an expansion next door however (a wine bar?), so we'll have to wait to see if they keep up the flawless performance.