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Apr 17, 2001 01:07 PM

Barking Frog in Woodinville

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I'm eating there this week... anyone been there yet? Suggestions for what to try?

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  1. Went to the Barking Frog last night.. this is the restaurant at the new Willows Lodge in Woodinville (the same property where The Herbfarm will be located when it opens next week).

    It's a restaurant in search of an identity. It's a casual bistro atmosphere, yet the menu is fussy and quite expensive (especially for what you get). I'd say they need to find a new purveyor, dress down the menu a bit, knock $8 off every entree and add more appetizers to the menu and some more by-the-glass wine selections to an already great wine list heavy on NW wines. Just a few thoughts!

    The warm Maine Lobster salad was not so good (chewy), but I thought the Chilean Sea Bass was about the best thing I've had since I tried Vicky McCaffree's at Waterfront. The veal was almost flavorless. Halibut was fine, but not anything I couldn't make at home. Desserts were fine except a molten cake was so overcooked, the promised gooey center was no more. An apple-phyllo tart was good.

    The wine list is very unusual. They have a huge list of Northwest lines that are divided into categories like wet and wooly...zippy... refreshing... and I can't remember the others right now. It's a very unusual concept, sort of like the idea of Best Cellars in U-Village and Kirkland if anyone has been there and knows what I'm talking about. They also have Cavatappi and other smaller local wineries on their wine list. I thought that was great.

    I'm interested in hearing what others have to say about The Barking Frog.

    Also, in case you didn't know, The Herbfarm will start serving dinners at its new home at The Willows Lodge next Friday. The official ribbon cutting cermony is 5/6. Also, they have a Memorial Day open house planned from 2-5 p.m. (5/28) This info comes straight from Carrie Van Dyck.