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Dec 8, 2004 01:12 AM

Where to buy lavender honey?

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Does anyone know where I can get lavender honey? I've heard that there're local beekeepers who sell delicious lavender honey.


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  1. There are two honey sellers at the St Lawrence Market. One is in the south building, basement level, west side of the building.He has many types of honey and I'm sure he would have lavender
    The other is in the north building , at the Saturday Farmer's Market.

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    1. re: Maureen

      The shop in the south building carries lavender honey from Provence as well as French chestnut honey (my personal favourite). I think it was about $16 for a jar.

      I'm not sure if you'll find any local lavender honey. The shopkeeper in the north building told me that Ontario does not have the right climate for growing lavender. I do know that we have lavender grower in the west (Alberta) though.

      1. re: CandyGirl

        Holt Renfrew's food section sometimes has these kinds of honeys. I'd try Pusateri's too. Maybe Bruno's/Nuncio's on Bayview/Eg. Let your fingers do the walking.

        1. re: CandyGirl

          Yeah, the lavender honey from the vendor in the south part of the St. Lawrence M basement is superb. Lavender just doesn't get any better than that from Provence It's truly a honey fan's dream.

          1. re: JDGloom

            I heard that stuff is crap...

          2. re: CandyGirl

            As other people have pointed out, you can find lavender honey in St Lawrence Market, at Pusateri's and at a couple other places.

            However I am still looking for affordable lavender honey... $10 for a tiny jar that will last me 2-3 days is a too expensive for me. I only really buy some when I can't hold back my craving any longer...

            Guess I'll stick with bringing some back from Provence whenever I travel there.