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Dec 2, 2004 05:52 PM

Where to find British Food?

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I have an addiction to british food especially british chocolate and candy. What I'm pleading everyone in Toronto is help me find McVities Hob Nobs. There's an image of it on this website.

So what am I to do? Am I doom to order online or fly back to England to just get a box of chocolate or worse . . . starve off my British chocolate addiction?

Just waiting,

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  1. the food depot at 155 Dupont Street has hobnobs, and it's open 24 hours a day

    any tips on english tea?



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    1. re: charlie

      Try this website, they offer free delivery downtown


      1. re: ss

        William Ashley carries Yorkshire Gold tea, loose and in bags.

      2. re: charlie

        I really dislike the Orange Pekoe that is so prevalent here. There are few alternatives. Twinings English breakfast is overpriced as is Ty-phoo (which I find mediocre). Value-priced Presidents Choice EB is dismal.

        You can sometimes find PG Tips at Loblaws. But I usually get Lipton's tea in the flat square yellow boxes. The price is reasonable and the taste is decent.

        I love the triangular bags you get in the UK these days. Anyone seen those here? What fun. They steep really quickly.

        I miss the M&S tea we used to get here... Any other suggestions?

        1. re: Markaroni

          There is a tea shop in Markville mall in Markham (Hwy 7 & McCowan). I think it is call the English Tea Shop.

          It has atleast 2 dozen types of teas plus many British foods.

        2. re: charlie

          I think Loblaws or Dominion carry Ahmad Tea, and Holt Renfrew carries Fortnum and Mason tea. Or you can go to any of the specialty teas place - house of tea, tea emporium, capital tea, the tea leaf and choose what you like. They have a great selection and good staff who can help you choose.

        3. As far as Hob Nobs, I just go to Loblaws, Dominion, IGA, etc, any of the big store chains, and go to their cookie aisle. They always have a selection of McVitties. Sometimes it is separated with the "premium" biscuits.

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            ~ Margaret ~

            Thanks everyone for the suggestions! It's time for me to go shopping!

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              I picked up a package of Hob Nobs at Meat on The Beach, near Queen E. and Woodbine. They have the chocolate ones also, and digestives.

              1. The original comment has been removed