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Nov 30, 2004 01:18 PM

Lazy Brunch - Xmas holidays

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Will be getting together with old highschool buddies during the Christams holidays.

Any suggestions for a weekday chilled-out non-tourist non-gourmet brunch spot? Perhaps a diner? Good for 6 - 8 people.

College West, Queen West West, or other downtown neighborhood?

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    peppermint pate

    How about Saving Grace on Dundas West? I've only recently discovered this place but it's quickly risen to a high spot on my list of fave brunch spots. Very friendly, laid-back atmosphere and great food. Plus, unlike some of my other favourite spots, they're open during the week for breakfast and lunch (closed Mondays). Highly recommended.

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      how about beaver cafe on queen at dufferin? it is perfect for the weekday, the menu is very limited (sandwiches, soups, a couple of mains) but very tasty. very laid-back atmosphere, great coffee.

      1. re: kasia

        Thanks everyone!

    2. Mitzi's sister on Queen west (at Roncesvalles) has a great brunch. Not sure if they serve it during the week, but their other menu items are delicious as well. Fun place, friendly staff.

      1. Boom, it's a breakfast spot on College just east of Ossington, north side.