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Nov 29, 2004 08:43 PM

New Year's Eve

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Does anyone know of any restaurants offering a New Year's eve celebration or tasting menu?

Looking for a place downtown for less than $100 and preferably with a lounge type atmosphere - couches and non-invasive music.

Somewhere within walking distance of Nathan Phillip square (20 min radius) ideally, but not closed to the idea of taking cabs.


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  1. Laide would probably fit your bill...I do not think they are selling tickets or anything for New Years... If you have 3 or 4 people you can each order a dish or two and make it a tasting menu (as most dishes are not overly large) each dish is $8-16.

    It is located at Adelaide & Jarvis probably a 15 min walk ...

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    1. re: Rob

      Laide sounds good and it's received some good press here and there. What's the crowd/atmosphere like there?

      We're not really looking for a place holding an event but we wouldn't discount one that was.

      We might be a bit on the large side. We had about 14 in our group at Monsoon.

      1. re: QC

        The crowd is late twenties to mid thirties. They tend to get a lot of birthday parties and surprizingly large number of groups of women. Last Saturday I would estimate half the tables occupied had more women then men. This is probably due to the fact the it is female owned and operated so they feel comfortable.

        The music is eclictic lounge music everything from jazz to house. Subdued at the start but increasing in volume as the night progresses (but not to nightclub level by anymeans).

        People at the bar tend to mingle and chat while groups tend toward the front areas where they can have some privacy. They is no dress code and you will see people in anything from jeans to suits.

        Laide holds about 75 so depending on your plans.. drinks before Nathan Phillips or drinks after... I would say definatly no problem before midnight... afterwards is hard to say... but that will be the same anywhere in the city...

        My suggestion would be to pop by on a Friday or Saturday in the next couple of weeks and check it out.. Nothing worse then going to a place for the first time on New Years eve to find out that it is not your cup of tea!


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          Laide review from