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Nov 29, 2004 06:03 PM

Need feed back on 'George'

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Planning food and wine pairing dinner at 'George'. Has any fellow Chowhound out there tried this new Restaurant? How does quality of food compare to three of my Toronto favourites - Splendido, Perigee and Celestin ( that was almost 6 months ago, heard quality has dropped recently ).

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  1. There is a review not far down from your current position... Start scrollin'!


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    1. re: Chantal

      the food is fantastic - everything was amazing. the price was high but not crazy. the service was not good - they meant well but were inexperienced. they could not process our mastercard.

    2. George is good, and I enjoyed my one visit very much, but Perigee is much better - it's probably my favourite restaurant in Toronto, although it's very very pricey.


        For a different view please see my note, George needs a spanking from the man in the big white hat.
        If the link above works I will be surprised. Alternately type into the Chowhounds search bar, George needs.

        Amazing, I did it, the link works.

        1. Just read the article you posted.
          Would not agree.
          We really like George.
          Friendly, but professional service.
          Never rushed.
          Excellent food.
          Not as noisy as many restaurants in Toronto.
          We go to George when we want a long relaxing evening, and dinner with friends.

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          1. re: erly

            I also would not agree with vinnies post. I have been to George many times and have never been disappointed. The food has always been extremely creative, well executed, and beautifully presented. I think Lorenzo is one of the cities best chefs, and I respect him even more because he doesn't seem to be the media hound that lesser quality industry people tend to be. He just cooks good food, which is what it's all about. I haven't been since kim left so I don't know about the wine pairings now, but when she was there it was some of the best pairings I've had with tasting menus.

            1. re: phisherking

              Although there is nothing wrong with giving an old post a "bump" to update it, I'm not a fan of posting things from years ago. Things change, especially in the chow industry.

              Personally, I don't like George. I think it's overrated and overpriced - full stop. That said, VVM went almost two years ago, and as such his post, however well thought out, articulate and knowledgeable, is simply not relevant. Almost as irrelevant as responding to a post that's 2+ years old (prarie dog - you're on a roll!).

              Has anyone been recently? I certainly have not, given that when I last went (March 2005?), I crossed it off my list.

              Sorry Vinnie, I don't mean to pick on you. Not that you care...


              1. re: Cereal Killer

                I tend to agree with Cereal Killer. Food was good, but I found it overpriced all things considered and didn't get any wow factor from George. For that price I think there are more interesting places to go.

                Went there for dinner for 2 in the fall, I think we ordered 3 glasses of wine total, and each starter/main/dessert, and it came out $200+. No complaints about service, however. No other specific complaints, but it wasn't memborable. If we hadn't been going to a TIFF screening after, I wouldn't have found the evening memborable or notable.

                1. re: balthazar

                  Minor correction. The food we ordered was a number of small plates, I don't remember how many (we took the waiter's suggestion based on 2 people who were not starving). I do think the food was nicely prepared, but remember looking at the bill and not being sure it was worth the price tag compared to Jamie Kennedy (both Restaurant or Wine Bar).

                2. re: Cereal Killer

                  CK, astute you are; and I enjoy it. Call me anything, but call me often.
                  But I do want to defend the relevance of my resurrected old post. I find that in Toronto restaurants "plus ca change, plus ca reste le meme" (a $35 phrase for $10 in scoffing value, that's what good presentation will do for you), except that the shortcomings become more pronounced. For exmple, I suspect that some commentaries, such as those of Susur Lee, are timeless. Only the names of the dishes need to be changed to incriminate the guilty.

            2. George is amazing. The chef is very talented and has extensive experience with some of Toronto's elite chefs. Pricey yes but do you feel satisfied and not mind paying it...yes!