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Apr 9, 2001 08:13 PM

Terrific Chinese? Help.

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Hi everyone---I need help. I'm looking for the best Chinese in town--eastside or seattle. I've heard Imperial Garden in Kent is worth the trek---please chime in. Love to have some options in the I-D and some outside. Like, for instance, is Black Pearl bad? Is Judy Fu's any good. Give me your top 3 at least. thanks

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  1. Two consistently great places in the ID are the Shanghai Garden and the Sea Garden. Be sure to order the Shanghai style chow mein which has thick noodles to sop up the juices and the shrimp with pea vine which is a nice contrast. Everything at the Sea Garden is yummy.

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      The Imperial Garden in Kent (in the Great Wall Shopping Mall) is absolutely worth the drive to Kent. Try the spicy eggplant (YUM!). If you order $20 worth of entrees, you can get a peking duck for about $10 (I am not making this up). It's crispy and delicious, just like it should be.
      I think dim sum is the best time to go...they serve it daily (10-2 I think). Do try the steamed pork bun ... the best I've had. And right now they have the cutest little lobster dumplings shaped like little chickens (an ode to Easter). Too cute!
      And after you eat at the Imperial Garden, you can wander around the mall. Check out the 99 Ranch Market. I love the pho's a little cafeteria like, but the soup is great. Happy eating in Kent :) I have many other suggestions for Auburn/Kent/Renton, let me know if you need any.

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        Jonathan Veenker

        I had absolutely the worst meal of my life at shanghai garden, I just don't understand why so many people like it. The fried squid was like eating shoe leather, I also had the braised beef soup with hand-shaven noodles, consisted of nasty, nasty bits of scrap meat that had been boiled and thrown into some fake beef broth. The noodles were OK, not enough to save it. Service was utterly incompetent.

      2. Often overlooked, but good...Honey Court in the ID.
        Crispy shrimp with Honey Walnut rocks, AND if you are fortunate enough to get Cindy the waitress (she is the youngish looking one) she is by far the friendliest chinese waitress in seattle. Ask for her.

        Good Luck

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          Oh, and I forgot...Black Pearl is horrible and Judy Fu's doesn't completely live up to the hype, but its ok...The green beans are delish...

        2. Mandarin Chef in the U-district of Seattle (on University just north of 50th) is the best Chinese food we've found north of the SF Bay Area. Delicate & well-tuned sauces, immaculate & simple setting, and bargain prices. My family goes on a regular basis - we often ask for Kung Pao chicken, and General Tso's chicken, both excellent (we like them 5-star hot). Fresh noodles are great, too, as are the glazed chicken wing appetizers. Don't know about seafood - my family's not big on seafood. Chef here used to work with the people at Black Pearl & has branched out on his own, is much better, friendlier, humbler, way less pretentious. His wife serves, they work hard to please you. Lunch prices can't be beat.

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            I agree - the Kung Pao chicken at Mandarin Chef is the best I've had after 10 years in Seattle.

          2. Go to Wagimyas in seattle they got it all theres like 5 resturants in the food court and if you dont like what they have across the street is 2 more places to eat.Chinatown a great place to visit too.Good bakerys for desert too

            1. Sonja, I've hit a respectable number of Chinese Restaurants from Judy Fu's (North) throught the International District and as far South as Bonney Lake. My consesus: No one Chinese restaurant is exceptional across the board. Each is good at some specific items. Judy Fu's dumplings are incredible; Hing Loon's Salt & Pepper Ribs are worth a drive from anywhere. (ID District) Tai Tung's duck soup is great; Imperial Garden's seafood (off the menu, not off the carts) is very good. I believe Seven Stars runs the highest average overall because of their hand cut noodle dishes and crab.