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Apr 5, 2001 12:27 PM

2 days in downtown

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I have two days (Wednesday and Thursday) in downtown Seattle for a brief conference I am attending. Looking for suggestions on where to have dinner those two nights. I'm up for absolutely anything, and haven't been to Seattle since, oh, 1977. So, please, your suggestions on downtown seattle? or places easily accessible from there?

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  1. Ohana is always good, order all appetizers, they make a great meal, especialy the ribs.

    Restaurant Zoe has great food, the grilled romaine salad is very good.

    I know I'll catch flak for this one, but I've always had good food, the grill in the basement of Nordstrom. It's basic good and if you're right in the middle of downtown and don't want to walk forever it works.

    That's all I can come up with for now.

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      I love Sazerac any time for any occasion ...Chef Kevin Davis is a wonderful chef and true to his Southern roots. Call 206-624-7755.

      Assaggio has great Italian food. Call 206-441-1399.

      One of the best meals I've had lately was at Avenue One. Call 206-441-6139.

      The icon Grill is also yummy. Call 206-441-6330.

      For a nice dinner, Cascadia always fits the bill. Call 206-448-8884. And Kaspar's is a guarantee for a good night. Call 206-298-0123.

    2. All the suggestions made are good, especially O'Hana, Sazerac, icon Grill and Avenue One. I would also suggest Etta's Seafood on Western. Tom Douglas is one of our city's great chefs and he always has the freshest seafood. If the coconut cream pie is on the menu, it is a must-try.

      1. Hope I'm not too late to add my 2 cents. If I had to eat at only 2 restaurants on a visit I'd hit Palace Kitchen and Marco's Supperclub. Both old faves of mine.
        And be sure to let us know where you decided to go and how it was!

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          Thanks for the suggestions everyone. My flight's this morning and I will let you know where I end up going and how things turn out!