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Best Thai Restaurant

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I just recently went to Salad King and thought I'd comment on it. It is truly the best Thai restaurant i've ever been to. It's on Young and Gould. If you're ever in the mood for Thai I'd strongly recommend you give this one a try.

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  1. J,

    With all due respect Salad King is incredibly overrated and just not that good. If you truly want the best, and I've tried all the good ones, go Vannipha Lana (spelling) on St.Clair, just east of Oakwood. It's a little more expensive but way, way better. Anyone who believes Salad King or Thai Shan Inn compares with Vannipha probably thinks Mcdonalds has the best burger in the city.

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      Where's Vanippha? What town is Oakwood in?

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        *VANIPHA LANNA, 471 Eglinton W., 484-0895


        *VANIPHA LANNA, 863 St. Clair W. @ Christie

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          The Eglinton location has been closed now for almost 2 years.

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          Oakwood is in the little hamlet of Toronto Ontario.

      2. I agree with rob. I love this place as well but it is not the best. I prefer Thai Princess on King Street. Try it out one time. Great food and atmosphere.

        1. I'm completely biased when it comes to Thai ... any place without sticky rice would never make it on my best thai list. My favourite one is currently Thai Bistro in North York, very small outfit but always packed... I like munching on the kropok with the peanut sauce dip that they give out a a free appetizer.

          1. Thanks for starting this thread.

            I went to Tuyen Cuisine (at Yonge/Sheppard). A bit overpriced. Food was good quality. Restaurant is clean & pretty. I ordered the prawn roll (average taste, too pricey $8); prawn soup was excellent; seafood red curry was bland (maybe too pricey at $24). My seafood red curry was supposed to have a sea bass filet but I don't think that it was included in my dish. There was a small white item but I'm sure that it was a scallop. Check the bill to make sure that they charge correct prices. The restaurant is worth checking out but maybe not good enough for a second visit.

            Tuyen website:


            I ate at Mai Thai (Yonge/Eglington). The food was average/decent. Thai ice tea was good. The prawn lemongrass soup was not the best. Spring rolls were average. Mee Krob/crispy noodles- tasty. Shrimp emerald/green curry was not the best. The food is not memorable.

            Mai Thai website:

            2 disappointing meals so I will keep looking for the best Thai food in Toronto.

            1. real thailand at bloor and spadina is much better, imo.

              1. Another Thai restaurant in the vein of Vanipha Lanna is Ban Vanipha at the corner of Dundas and Denison (east of Bathurst). I think its owned by a cousin of the St. Clair restaurant. I was there twice in the last few weeks because my bf (who hates restaurants btw) loved the grilled steak with chili-fish sauce and decided that we'd take his visiting friend there. He also loved the formal service of the waiter. I had the hot and sour soup and it was fragrant and delicious.

                1. I can't say whether it's best or not, but I like Sorn Thai on Yonge north of Eglinton. And it's true, Salad King is not the best, but Linda, usptairs from salad King, is divine. They have a special set menu every month, which they prefer to serve during the week - on the weekend reservations are needed and and you must specify if you want the set menu. Linda, the proprietor, is very personable, and the food is high-end and inventive. Fabulous!

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                    I like Sorn Thai, too. Have been happy with everything I have tried there.The lunch specials are a great deal. I really enjoyed the soup that is included in the lunch special.

                    I've also had good luck at Pi Tom near Yonge and Davisville.

                    The last time I went to Salad King, it seemed like they were cutting corners.

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                      I have been to Sorn Thai once but don't really remember my experience, this leads me to believe that it wasn't fantastic but it also wasn't bad. I think I will give it another try this week since it is just around the corner from me.

                      I really like Pi Tom's. They have two locations the on just north of Davisville and one downtown on Yonge and Alexander. They have great lunch specials.

                      I have been to Salad King a few times and was very unimpressed, especially on my last visit where I would label the food as blah.

                  2. For the money, Salad King is a winner. Generous portions, rich & flavorful sauces, good quality meats and fish. I am amazed that they keep their prices so low. Ordering Islamic Noodles is a special treat, since they are not on the menu.

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                        Pad Thai noodles, rich coconut peanut sauce (it may be their Panang sauce, I can't quite remember...) with chicken and shrimp and veg... rich and heady.

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                          Sounds good - think they'd make it vegetarian? Would it be worthwhile?

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                            Well, its an off the menu order so maybe they could so something for you. You are going to have to cough up a bit more coin here than you do at Coconut Grove, though :)

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                              Always willing to take one for the team.

                              Thanks for the pointer.

                    1. For good, cheap Thai, I love Thai One On! I go to the Yorkmills location, but there is one on Dundas and another in Markham. Great Vegie Pad Thai!

                      1. I've never found an overall best Thai Restaurant. Even the better ones have their ups and downs. But if I want the single best Thai meal I can get, I go Young Thailand and order Yum Yai, and beef salad or green chicken curry.

                        1. GREEN MANGO at royal york and bloor.
                          Hands down. THE BEST.
                          Consistently good. Always busy = very fresh ingredients.
                          Take-out as well.