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Nov 15, 2004 01:37 PM

Gournet Chef in Cottage Country

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hello everyone!
I have an interesting question and wonder if anyone has the answer..

A friend was telling me she heard about some renowned chef that is based in Ontario Cottage Country and he cooks gourmet dinners at his place for small groups..
Has anyone heard of this guy and know what his name/contact is?

thanks a lot to everyone!

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  1. You are talking about Eigensinn Farm of chef Michael Stadtlander, it earned ninth place on a list of the 50 best dining establishments on the planet, according to a guide to be released this week by the British magazine Restaurant.

    See link below...


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    1. re: Rob

      Bit removed from Cottage Country, though, being close to Collingwood. Also note that they don't have a liquor license: you have to bring your own. Generally, IF you can get a reservation (think months in advance, not days) you can get the menu a week or so before so you can choose appropriate wines, or have one (or several) recommended. Best practice is to find a nice B&B close by, somebody who's willing to shuttle you there and back. Shouldn't be too hard, as many people do this.

      Hundreds and hundreds of dollars, too, and apparently worth every penny.


      1. re: Schmal

        Not hundreds, only $250. Worth it though. Eight courses. Here's a tip, don't eat the fabulous sourdough/rye bread, it will fill you up. Stay at the Doorknob Inn. They will shuttle you and have a great breakfast the morning after.

        1. re: eatingzen

          That's $250 per person, I imagine? What's the reservation process / wait time for visiting Eisenginn? I'd love to try it some time but am always slightly nervous about phoning people so I'd like to know what to expect if I call.

          1. re: Jacquilynne

            I have never been to the farm but I tried calling a number of times last year to get ahold of the chef (Michael) for a corporate dinner. Some child answered the phone every time and never was able to take a message (I thought it was the personal home line too??)

            1. re: ca

              Yes, that would be the family's home line as well. Perhaps this was a polite way of discouraging corporate events. You eat in their HOME. It is not meant for one-up-manship or showing off to business associates. Actually, unless your planned event was for a meeting of organic farmers or Greatful Dead alumni, it's not the place. It's meant to be a leisurely mellow experience, where you and a few good friends share the evening & space with maybe a dozen others.