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Mar 29, 2001 04:48 PM

Perche No

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Last week I ate at Perche No on Queen Anne. I had a wonderful meal and thought I should share it with my fellow foodies. The owners, Lily and David I think are their names, are the most gracious hosts. Lily is in the dining room and David spends most of his time in the kitchen. The food is traditional southern italian fare. Very good and very home made tasting. Between four of us we tried: Ravioli with meat sauce; The ravioli was nice and thick and the meat plentiful and flavorful. Tortellini gorgonzola; the only pasta that I think was not hand made, but the sauce was perfect with a subtle amount of gorgonzola and a hint of nutmeg. Veal with hazelnuts; I know, how could you go wrong with this comination. The only disappointment here is the menu said it came with the starch of the day but it was missing. Spaghetti Alla Parma; an earthy tomato, cream sauce with their homemade proscuitto. We didn't have dessert so that will have to come another time. The salads were very fresh with an interesting mix of greens. They have valet parking and will even keep your car for the length of the event you are attending. I will definitely go back.

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  1. Are you a friend of the owners? I have been to Perche No a few times and each time I swear I will never return. It is the kind of Italian food that one would expect at the Olive Garden. It is terrible, bland and uninteresting. It is true that there are very few good Italian restaurants in Seattle, and this is clearly NOT one of them.

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      what would you say are the best 3 Italian restaurants around the city?

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        Good Italian Food in Seattle:
        1) Cafe Lago
        2) Cafe Juanita

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          Agree with you about Cafe Lago. What about Il Gambiro - especially the seafood! La Medusa is also wonderful! Has anyone gone to the dinners that Salumi offers once a week (we tried but could only get on the waiting list)?


      2. re: Todd

        Nope, never met them before that evening. But since I have been there, I sent some other foodie friends and they had the same wonderful experience that I did. It is definitely not Olive Garden food, unless Olive Garden has recently started making pasta from scratch and using fresh ingredients from the market. It will be interesting to hear what you think are the good italian restaurants in town.