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Nov 13, 2004 01:50 PM

Wink in Cans!!!

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I think Estufarian is out of the country right now, but I am sure that he would be thrilled to know that the "new" Wink has become available in cans. I saw it in the grocery store this morning.

For those of you who missed it, it is worth reading the thread that starts at the link below.

I raise my glass!


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  1. With a dash of gin in it, I hope! ;)

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    1. Apologies for resurrecting my pet peeve - but a new sighting has occurred.
      Those who followed the earlier thread will know that 'C-plus Wink' (its current identity) has been designated a Christmas drink (for cans only) and is only available between November and February.
      But yesterday it was on the shelf in Sobey's in cans! Just in time - I was down to only 1 full case from my February cache.

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      1. re: estufarian

        Which Sobey's store? I haven't seen Wink in a long time.

        1. re: nmhinch

          I found it at St Clair (just east of Yonge) - but I cleaned them out on friday of what was on the shelf.

        1. They also sell them at all the larger Shopper's Drug mart now too...

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          1. re: qtxniki

            Also found it at Dominion.
            Apparently we are now "officially" in the Christmas season - or to be more politically correct the 'holiday' season (as during the original thread I discovered that Wink is kosher, although apparently the C-Plus Orange is not).

          2. I went to 3 Shoppers and 2 Dominions and the old/new Hy and Zel's (whatever the name of this place is now) and I still cannot find Wink in cans. I was able to find a bottle of it at one Dominion store and that was it. The store clerk pointed me towards the Tropicana Twister and said that it was Wink. Anyone have any knowledge of where this stuff is located? I'm in South Etobicoke. Thanks.