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Nov 13, 2004 08:00 AM

Best Masala Dosa in Toronto?

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Does anyone know a great place in Toronto for Masala Dosa takeout? There was an unbleavable place in Little India (which closed several years ago)across the street from the library.

The Dosa looked like a very big burritto with a slightly crispy crepe-like shell and spicy potato filling and coconut sauce to spoon over the top!!!! It also can with a great spicy soup.

My kids still ask where we can get them again.

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  1. Hi There,
    Is Mississauga too far for you? This place is just wonderful
    Take care,

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    1. re: Deborah K.

      Where is this place my I ask?

      1. re: Girly Girl

        Everything is good here. Well worth the drive to the outer burbs. Very busy, so pick your times accordingly.


        1. re: Girly Girl

          It's in Mississauga, on Hurontario street at Eglinton. It's in a plaza with one of our favourite Vietnamese places "Pho Mi 99".
          Take care,

      2. t

        Oh, it sounds like you're missing the Madrass Express, which really was awsome! So sad that they're gone.

        I, too, have been looking for masala dhosas as good as those, and I found something pretty close. There's a small place off of Parliment by Wellsley, called Indies (I think) and their dhosas are pretty darn good. I've been there twice and the dhosa was better the first time, but still quite good the second time, so I'd go back for sure.

        As an added bonus, they have a really nice little patio out front with a big tree overhead and that looks into the garden of the swanky French place next door--it's lovely on a summer evening.

        I can't remember the street that Indies is on--it might be Amelia--but you go north up Parliment, and it's on the east side, around Wellsley, just past the gas station. It's down the side street a bit, but you should be able to see it from Parliment.

        1. I love the dosa's at Madras Dosa Hutt, 1123 Albion just west of Islington. That's north of the 401. I've only been there for lunch, where they have a pretty good buffet, but that includes freshly made dosa's. Yummmm.... I believe that Madras Dosa Hut used to be located in little India... I wonder if it was actually the one to which you refer??


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          1. re: Schmal

            Madras Dosa Hut had a few locations, including the one at the west end of the Little India. That one left the fold and is now under new management.

          2. I tried a new place in scarborough, very tasty dosa.. (takeout decor), markham & Sheppherd, also madras palace at ellesmere east of midland has very good south indian food

            1. I'm not sure whether they do takeout, but I really like the dosas (masala or not) at Udupi Palace at Gerrard and Coxwell.
              The place looks like a cheap cafeteria, but the food and the service are amazing.

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              1. re: Cyril

                A new Udupi just opened in Mississauga on Enfield Place (behind the Sussex Centre), known as "Udupi Madras Cafe". Just returned from lunch there and the food and service was amazing! If you go, I recommend the chili pakoras & try the onion masala dosa!!

                Phone: (905) 277-0010