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Nov 12, 2004 07:45 PM

Trimurti vs Little India vs Babur

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Which has better food?

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  1. never been to little india...

    babur, i didn't care for the service or the food. it was pricier than elsewhere too.

    trimurti is run by people who used to work at/related to people at natarj. which is one of my faves. the food is good. and the prices are better. it's small in there though. very narrow space.

    you could always try the lunch buffet at each to get an idea of what their take on each dish is like.

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    1. re: karen

      In terms of the lunch buffets at each spot:

      Little India - reliable standards, decent service. Meatiest tandoori chicken.

      Trimurti - haven't been for awhile, recall preferring vegetable dishes over meat. Very good eggplant.

      Babur - most expensive of the trio, least impressive lunch spread. Food tasted dried out or oily. Surly service (tried it twice - once the waiter slammed down a water jug and seemed to look at me with a grim look for unknown reasons, second time continually asked if I wanted to order a drink, as if it was obligatory)

    2. I find the food in Little India is good if you want a cheap quick fix at one of the buffets and you're not too picky about atmosphere. I do know that a few years ago when they were really cracking down with the restaurant inspections, there were quite a few of the buffets that had violations (at $7.99 all you can eat, I guess that isn't that surprising (although a bit disturbing since my bf and I usually went once a month).

      Typically at Little India buffets there is one mild curry/butter chicken, one spicy dish (beef or lamb), tandoori chicken, some rice, papadums, 2 vegatable dishes, naan and some appetizers and gulab jamun for dessert. I've never actually ordered a la carte in Little India so unfortunately I can't speak to that experience.

      Babur I haven't been to in a few years, I do recall that it was good, but I wasn't particularly overwhelmed.

      I went to Trimurti a few months ago and it was very good. Decent value, fairly good service and a fair variety of food on the menu. I think they'll definitely give Babur a run for their money.

      Out of all the 3 I would go to Triumurti.

      1. Having only been to Little India and Babur, I would say that Little India offers more "bang for your buck" especially for lunch and marginally less so for ordering a la carte.

        1. If Babur is the place on queen/Mcaul it has the most superior butter chicken I have tasted (I have been to India!)

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          1. re: Jason

            The butter chicken at the Moti Mahal in Little India is awesome. I've been eating there for 20 yrs and it is very consistent. Go for the thali.

          2. I have only been there for dinner but Little India has the BEST butter chicken that I have ever tasted. Whenever I go out for indian I only go there because I don't want to miss out eating it.

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            1. re: Peachy Bee

              Been to Trimurti recently and the food was great for the price. Weekday buffet. Liked the goat curry. Tandoori chicken was good. Did not care for the butter chicken though. Naan was given hot from the tandoor. The naan was a little on the thin side and a bit crispy. I prefer softer naans. Tried a couple of veg items and they were also good. Good place to visit when you are in the neighborhood..