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Nov 11, 2004 04:52 PM


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I went to Cafe Polonez in Roncesvalles Village last night looking to satisfy my craving for perogies. I was told that they were the veterans in that realm here in Toronto. For starters, I ordered the Soup of the Day - Barley Soup, and my BF ordered the Borscht. Both were very tasty and authentic. We then ordered the potato and cheese perogies (which came boiled), and the potato pancakes with beef. I must tell you that, although both orders were good, they were nothing special.
Perhaps we are spoiled from having gone to notably one of the best in the country - Alicia's in Winnipeg, probably the oldest family owned Ukrainian restaurant. The potato and cheddar cheese perogies were served with crispy bacon and onions. You had your choice of having them either boiled, pan fried, or deep fried. The holobchis (sp?)were little spring roll sized and perfect with every bite. The kolbasa (sp?) was also homemade - nice and lean. And not to forget about the could tell that BaBa did a check before anything came out of the kitchen to make sure it was all perfect.
Can anyone recommend another place that serves perogies here in Toronto? I'm dying to know before I get hit by another craving!!

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  1. Wayne Gretzky's down by the Skydome has them as does the Future Bakery bloor/spadina.

    1. Lviv, a Ukrainian restaurant on Bloor West, serves boiled perogies...I thought they were pretty tasty.If I remember correctly they had a perogy sampler plate with 4 different fillings. I also tried a soup translated as meat soup on the menu...I realized it was tripe soup once it arrived.But it was good tripe soup;)

      1. Shanghai Cowgirl around Queen and Bathurst does them, but I'm not sure they're 'traditional.' They are however quite good. They use a bit of white wine when they're frying them. One of my friends LOVES the asian style ones - they have chinese barbeque pork. Personally, I like the ones with bacon, mushrooms and cheddar cheese.

        1. I think that Cafe Polonez, is about as good as it gets in Toronto.
          If you return try their meat perogies, which are delicious, and are served with fried onion, and bacon.
          I much prefer mine steamed, do that may be why I like them. They also make a stuffed potato dumpling with grated potatoes, that lays in your stomach, like lead, but is very tasty.
          Maybe they were having an off night.
          There are also several deli's within a few blocks, who sell fresh (not frozen) perogies with many types of fillings (even fruit).


          1. I would suggest Wally's Restaurant...a hole in the wall Ukrainian restaurant in Etobicoke. It's located on Dundas St. W. just east of Kipling Ave in a strip mall. Almost as good as my Baba's. Also I know my Ukie church (Christ the Good Sheppard on Lakeshore/6th St) sells them--the ladies make them every Tuesday. Another option if you want to try the real thing at home.