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Mar 23, 2001 03:38 PM

Bellevue Recommendations

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I just scrolled through the board looking for suggestions of good restaurants and could not find one listed! Although I don't dine there much, I have recently been meeting a group of friends there every few months or so. I am already bored with their suggestions and am hoping, with your help, to come up with my own. The places we have gone so far are: Spazzo, Pagocha (which was my favorite) and Anthony's in Kirkland. I need your help!

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  1. Some of our favorites around Bellevue:

    Continental: Tosoni's 644-1668
    Thai: Chantanee Family Thai 455-3226
    Vietnamese Noodles: Pho Hoa 641-7898
    Healthy Mexican: Acapulco Fresh 747-1054
    Real Mexican: La Cocina Del Puerco 455-1151
    Italian: Cafe Jaunita 823-1505
    Family Italian: Firenze Ristorante Italiano 957-1077
    Sushi: Kikuya 881-8771
    Steaks: Daniel's Broiler 462-4662
    Dim Sum: Noble Court 641-6011
    Indian: Mayuri 641-4442 and others
    BBQ: Dixie's 828-2460 and Texas Smokehouse 486-1957
    Breakfast: The Original Pancake House 825-7575
    Event dining: The Herbfarm 206-784-2222

    Great for kids: Frankie's Pizza, Kidd Valley, Burgermaster, Coho Cafe, Red Robin, Claim Jumper

    And we're still looking for a good Cannoli on the eastside...

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      Wow. After that list what can I add?

      How about this...

      Sea Garden. It has incredible Chinese good - especially if you like seafood. The original Sea Garden is in the ID...and the Bellevue one maintains the same quality. I agree that Noble Court has the best Dim Sum out there though.

      Mediterranean Kitchen. (I know I probably spelled that wrong.) The chicken schwarma is awesome, generous in portion, and the service is so friendly you wouldn't know you're in Bellevue. (Sorry - Seattlite's have their prejudices too.)

      That taps me out for now. Good luck.

      1. re: Suzanne

        I agree that the Med. Kitchen is great (and the nicest people work there).

        For Indian, I like Golkonda in Crossroads or Chutney's in downtown Bellevue (also on Capitol Hill/Queen Anne). Also, P.F. Chang's Bistro is opening in Bel Square soon (owned by the same folks who own Fleming's steak houses).

        For casual good, I like Six Degrees in Kirkland or Redmond.

        For pizza, there's always Coyote Creek (yum!). And a great place to bring the kids (as is the Coho Cafe in Redmond).

        For Thai, there's a Typhoon! in Redmond, but there are plenty of great little family owned Thai restaurants on the Eastside. Too many to list here.

        And in Kirkland, if you want a memorable dinner, head to the Marina Park Grill (just a short drive from Bellevue) or Cafe Juanita (new owner, still good). Also, 21 Central is a great place for steak (aside from sometimes bad service and a funky atmosphere) and the Third Floor Fish Cafe always is reliably good even though they lost a great chef (Scott Staples opened Zoe in Bell Town).

        Hope these help! E-mail if you have a specific restaurant you're looking for.

        1. re: sue

          For Thai I'd recommend Thai Ginger in Redmond Town Center if you're looking for phud or satay. Kanisha in Redmond for tandoori chicken.

    2. How about Tosoni's, 14320 NE 20th St? It's a cozy Italian place with very personal service and excellent Italian food.