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Mar 23, 2001 03:22 PM

banana cimmichanga

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Folks, I have a challenge. A co-worker has bet me that I cannot find a place that sells Banana Chimmichangas anywhere within 1000 miles of Portland. I am beginning my search with you. Any suggestions? I need the name of the restaurant, a general description of several menu items, and their prices. Thanks for your help. Lisa

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  1. I've made it 12 miles under the wire with banana chimichangas (note spelling) a mere 987 miles from Portland. Piscos (1120 East 6 Avenue, Denver, CO; 303-777-8222) has 'em. Review at link below.

    What do I win?


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      You win my undying admiration, and a thank you for your hardwork. Also, another thanks for the spelling correction. You seem like a man who knows it all.

      1. re: Lisa HAtten

        "You seem like a man who knows it all."

        oh, god, I'm so sorry!

        Nah, I'm just a guy who knows which search engine to use. Use, and plug in (with the quotes) "banana chimichanga" and you'll get tons of results. I corrected your spelling so that you could search more effectively if you want.

        Do I still get at least temporary, if not undying, admiration? (gg)


    2. I Love Sushi in Seattle sells a Banana Vacation, which substitutes an egg roll wrapper for the tortilla that I imagine a Banana Chimichange to be made out of.