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Nov 1, 2004 02:47 PM

What is the best Chinese restaurant in Mississauga?

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I'm looking for a really good mid-priced Chinese restaurant in Mississauga.

My husband and I have been to The Great Wok of China but it wasn't that great. One example, the Szechuan sauce tasted like ketchup!

TIA, Lisa

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  1. See this older post I had for The Perfect Kitchen. It's been over 7 years, and my husband's family of 15-20 goes there every weekend religiously.

    It's more traditional chinese food, so if you're looking for chicken balls or chicken fried rice, this is probably not the place. Their seafood is amazing, especially the 7 lb lobsters.

    1. As mentioned previously on this site;
      check out:
      The Ming Room; on Queen St in Streetsville.
      Bamboo Chopsticks; at Hwy #10 and Bristol Road.


      1. Bombay Chopsticks

        Sandalwood Mall, 30 Bristol Rd. E., Unit 3, Mississauga,


        1. I am a visitor from vancouver and always on the lookout for a decent Szechuan restaurant. Tremendous in Mississauga serves a nice Sizzling Hunan Beef(10). Good DimSum - great prices during Happy Hour.

          1. I have been meaning to post this for a few weeks now. I recently tried "Savikavi" on a whim while in the Meadowvale area.

            I was delightfully surprised at the extensive Chinese AND Indian menus at the Mississauga location.

            Give it a try - the Chicken Chilli Pakora was excellent! As was the Hot & Sour soup...

            Please let me know how your experience is.

            The Brother