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What is the best Chinese restaurant in Mississauga?

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I'm looking for a really good mid-priced Chinese restaurant in Mississauga.

My husband and I have been to The Great Wok of China but it wasn't that great. One example, the Szechuan sauce tasted like ketchup!

TIA, Lisa

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  1. See this older post I had for The Perfect Kitchen. It's been over 7 years, and my husband's family of 15-20 goes there every weekend religiously.

    It's more traditional chinese food, so if you're looking for chicken balls or chicken fried rice, this is probably not the place. Their seafood is amazing, especially the 7 lb lobsters.


    1. As mentioned previously on this site;
      check out:
      The Ming Room; on Queen St in Streetsville.
      Bamboo Chopsticks; at Hwy #10 and Bristol Road.


      1. Bombay Chopsticks

        Sandalwood Mall, 30 Bristol Rd. E., Unit 3, Mississauga,


        1. I am a visitor from vancouver and always on the lookout for a decent Szechuan restaurant. Tremendous in Mississauga serves a nice Sizzling Hunan Beef(10). Good DimSum - great prices during Happy Hour.

          1. I have been meaning to post this for a few weeks now. I recently tried "Savikavi" on a whim while in the Meadowvale area.

            I was delightfully surprised at the extensive Chinese AND Indian menus at the Mississauga location.

            Give it a try - the Chicken Chilli Pakora was excellent! As was the Hot & Sour soup...

            Please let me know how your experience is.

            The Brother

            Link: http://www.savikavi.com/menu4mississa...

            1. The Perfect Kitchen, located 3075 Ridgeway Drive (close to Dundas and Winston Churchill). It's family owned with one brother managing the front and the other brothers manning the kitchen. Very traditional Chinese food (ie, no chicken balls and chop suey) and has been consistently good for the 7 years it has been open. I have seldom looked at the menu when I have dined there; instead, consulting the wait staff for their suggestions. And I have never been disappointed.

              1. manadarin chinese buffet in mississauga on hwy 10 is good. It is not expensive for lunch it is $10.99 per person and dinner is $19.99 per person. there you get alot of varieties of food.

                  1. The SO and his pals swear by Tremendous. As far as I can tell, the only time they ever go there is at 3 in the morning.. so their opinion could be skewed.

                    1. I still shuffle into the Dixie Park Mall's Food Court for a decent, quick meal. It ain't haute but it's solid, dependable and fresh.I'm fond of Yogi's Noodles.

                      1. I wish I could remember the name of it... it's just east a little ways of Hurontario on Burnhamthorpe on the north side in a mall complex. A nice restaurant with some of the best Chinese I've ever eaten, and MSG free to boot!

                        1. My gosh...how could anyone recommend Mandarin's?

                          My vote would go for The Perfect Kitchen for dim sum ONLY. I've been there for dinner twice a while ago, and it was absolutely terrible. Summit Garden, which is close by has been consistently good for the better part of 10 years of repeat visits, for the casual yum cha every week, and the dinner is pretty decent too.

                          1. Emerald Garden is great for dim sum and dinner. It is the closest I've found to the Chinese food I loved in Vancouver. Usually very crowded for dim sum, so go early. Corner of Eglinton and Hurontario.

                            1. Oh! I remembered the name. It was "The Great Wok of China". Excellent stuff.

                              1. Have to agree with the post above - Mandarin is mass-market Chinese, which actually has chicken balls with accompanying vile runny red vinegar sauce concocted by some mad scientist. My vote would go to Emeral Chinese Restaurant on Eglinton and Hurontario - we get takeout from there all the time. Can unreservedly recommend the chicken in black bean sauce & braised bean curd with Chinese mushrooms. The Szechuan jumbo shrimp is pretty good too. Having said that, I wish Mississauga had more variety.

                                1. Sam Woo(Sanhe)at Eglinton+Mavis and Happy Garden at Creditview+Eglinton are family style, easy-going joints that serve mid-grade food at fair prices.Slightly down-market from Emerald(over-rated+over-priced IMHO) but better value.

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                                    I second Happy Garden. I've been to Perfect Kitchen, and although it was good, Happy Garden is consistently excellent.

                                  2. Emerald is rubbish, the food is mediocre and expensive for what it is. Sam Woo was good many many years ago, but it started going downhill in the last 4 years, me and my parents used to be frequent customers of the place, but we haven't been back in a long time, only for take out BBQ meat. Ever since the time they got closed down by health inspection, we swore we would never return.

                                    1. That's a stiff charge, esf2003, and I'm curious when "the time" was since they seem to have a "Pass" rating now as they've had for some time. Funny, too, that you'd still buy take-out from a such a pit!

                                      1. I would suggest trying out the restaurant at the plaza of Burnhamthrope and Central Parkway W. Their food used to suck but recently in these few months they must have replaced their chefs and now the dim sum has lots of variety and they are very delicious.

                                        I have yet to try their dinner menu though.

                                        1. Sam Woo is great for dim sum - Mavis & Eglinton.

                                          Also the chinese plaza on Dundas W. west of Dixie has this big chinese restaurant. You can't miss it. They have very good food. Being going there for years.

                                          1. It's been awhile but visited Tremendous last night about 9:30 during the storm.The place was dead but popped about 10 with a steady influx of Mississauga's huge ethnic mixture. Where else to get decent dim sum that LATE? Dishes around us looked-smelled great and disappeared quickly. Very reasonably priced and open till 4:30am! Still find the pink-vested waiters a bit weird--minimal risk of uniform theft, I guess!

                                            1. The best Mississauga Chinese restaurants cannot rival Toronto's Lai Wah Heen. That said, nonetheless, Chiuchow Man Chinese Restaurant has some of the most delicious and authentic Chinese food in Mississauga. My Chinese wife and I (non-Chinese) have been returning weekly to Chiuchow Man for 10 years, for sit-down diners and take-out. It has a wide variety of consistently tasty and relatively cheap dishes for both traditional Chinese patrons and the less adventurous. Decor is simple but clean. Service staff sometimes gets a bit overwhelmed when it gets crowded during weekend dinner peak hours (most waitresses understand basic English), but the food is worth it. The owners -- a brother and sister -- are sincere, friendly and speak decent English. Their retired chef father, who came from a well-known Chinese restaurant in the GTA, started this restaurant and still keeps an eye on things occasionally. Chiuchow Man restaurant is located 5 minutes west of Square One -- at 1177 Central Parkway West just south of Burnhamthorpe (at the southern end of the newly-renovated Golden Square Centre, 905-8038783).

                                              To give you an idea, these are our favourite dishes:
                                              - For 'Traditional Chinese': marinated duck; assorted marinated meat platter; chicken (or beef rib) w chinjew sauce; combination platter (fried shrimp ball; crab ball; scallop & jelly fish); poached crab cold cut; steamed chicken; fried pomfret fish w soya sauce; sizzling mullet fish; garoupa w vegetables & minced pork; beef & mushroom w XO sauce; green bean w olive and minced pork; satay beef w Chinese broccoli; Chinese broccoli w scallop & king oyster mushroom; stir fried snow pea leaves w king oyster mushroom (or w garlic & dried scallop); bitter melon w beef & olive; tofu & minced pork in hot pot; fish dumpling & minced pork soup; crab meat & fish maw soup; fish dumpling in noodle soup; marinated duck in noodle soup; minced pork & oyster in rice soup (congee).

                                              - For 'Non-Chinese': Beef tenderloin w sweet & sour sauce; beef rib w spicy honey sauce; fried tiger shrimp w spicy salt; fired pork chop w dried garlic (or w sweet & sour sauce); oyster (or baby fish) omelet; fried chicken wings; shredded chicken hot & sour soup; seafood & to-fu soup; fried tofu & minced pork; bitter melon w spare rib in hot pot; shrimp & BBQ pork fried rice; chicken & preserved olive fried rice; chicken & fried rice; dried scallop & ginger fried rice; pork sausage & chicken rice in hot pot; rice noodle w beef in soya sauce (or in satay sauce); rice noodles w minced pork & diced kale; lobster chow mein; thin rice noodle w chicken (or beef or seafood) in spicy XO sauce.

                                              1. If you are looking for Chinese Fast Food in Mississauga, nothing beats good old fashioned Noodle Wok by mavis and burnhamthorpe. It is in the plaza next to the winners/staples plaza. This has been a long time staple in Mississauga and food prices have risen only slightly in 10 years, while maintaining the excellent quality. $6-$7 for a huge chinese dish can't be beat and the food is absolutely awesome. I eat here with my girlfriend all the time. I highly recommend the Beef Ho Fun and General Tao Chicken.

                                                Noodle Wok
                                                600 Burnhamthorpe Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5B2C4, CA

                                                  1. Without a doubt, It has to be Noodle Wok (Burnhamthorpe /Mavis) right next to the plaza next to Staples & Winners.

                                                    You can easily search up their website. It is a great family owned restaurant and my family has been going for 5 years. The prices are cheap and the portions are huge. The line up is always busy at lunch and dinner time. I recommend their General Tao Chicken. Its also much more authentic chinese food than most places.

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                                                      I used to love that place when I was younger. The cooks there seem like they have been doing what they do for a lifetime - as if they've done every action a hundred million times before. I haven't been there in a good 5 years though, so I wonder how much has changed, or how I've changed, and how that will impact my enjoyment of it. Perhaps I'll go today. Thanks for the reminder.