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Mar 23, 2001 03:20 PM

Anyone eaten at Ten Mercer?

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Nancy Leson of the Times didn't give it a very good review but the review in today's Puget Sound Business Journal was good. I'd like to hear what the real foodies think. I have season tickets to the Sonics so I am in that area a lot. Thanks.

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  1. My sweetie and I stopped by a few weeks ago, not long after their opening. Space is nice, but we were underwhelmed by both food and service. Wish I still had some details in mind, but I don't.

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      Matthew Amster-Burton

      I ate there with a group and tried a number of dishes, and I wish I could recommend the place. The service was friendly, the space very attractive, the location handy, but the food was a mix of overambitious, repetitive, and, in the case of dessert, hideous.

      There are a lot of Asian elements at Ten Mercer, but they aren't used intelligently IMO--you get blasted with bottled sweet chile sauce and cardamom with your potstickers, and then the chile sauce keeps reappearing throughout the meal. The salads are even more over-the-top. I can't remember all the things that were in the seared tuna salad now, but boy were there a lot of them. The simpler things, like steak, are fine. I had the herb-crusted salmon, which was overly crusted and came with some soggy polenta cakes. (I wish they could have transfered some of the crust from the fish to the polenta.) Probably the best thing was the spaetzle that came with the pork tenderloin entree. Nothing was actually *bad*, but I felt like they were trying way to hard in the kitchen and every plate was busy and complicated. There was also too much sweetness, which is a pet peeve of mine.

      So if someone insists on taking you to Ten Mercer on their nickel, there's no reason to try and weasel out of it--it's a nice space and the food isn't awful, but for heaven's sake skip dessert. I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say that the place has some of the worst desserts in town, including a painfully overcaramelized creme brulee and some devious phyllo-apple-curry concoction that is unquestionably the worst dessert I've ever had.

      Hope this helps,

      1. I enjoyed my dinner at Ten Mercer. Service was great, the setting very confortable. As for the food I enjoyed the rib steak, the brandy gives it a long finish and the pasta with lemon zest and oregano. I just wished that perhaps the menu was a little more focused. I would have to agree with Nancy Leson that some of the dishes have a bit much going on like the oven roasted Penn Cove mussels and the tuna carpaccio.