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Oct 30, 2004 06:54 PM

Toronto's Best Italian?!?

  • j

What are your favourite Italian Restaurants in the City of Toronto? As, an aside, please post your opinions on Frankie Tomatoes too!! Thanx!

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  1. I go to ViBo. It was formerly known as Villa Borghese. It was renovated and reopened as ViBo - consistent and reasonably priced for the service and decor.

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    1. re: Alex

      My vote is for Marcello's on St. Clair for a reasonably priced restaurant.

      For something more upscale is Coppi on Yonge St. north of Lawrence.

    2. My vote is for Noce on Queen St. just west of Bathurst. A bit more upscale but excellent gnocchi.
      As a potential, went to Aquadisiac on Queens Quay for a wine tasting night last week. New chef--Italian (Roberto Granata) Food was out of this world fresh although it lacked major presentation if that's what you are after

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      1. re: otto
        peppermint pate

        I second the vote for Noce. The food and service are consistently exceptional. I also recently had a delicious dinner at Zucca. To use Zagat's terminology, these are both great "sleeper" spots.

          1. re: Maureen
            peppermint pate

            West side of Yonge Street, a block or two south of Eglinton (opposite the Art Shoppe). Enjoy.

      2. My vote is for Seven Numbers. Casual, tasty, and fun.

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        1. re: Jenna

          I second Seven Numbers.

          Also love Terroni and The Nose Restaurant (owned by the same people as Seven Numbers).

          1. re: velouria

            I went to Seven Numbers this weekend and it was terrible. The bread was stale, I got half a fig with my fig and prosciutto appetizer, and my shrimp linguine was aptly named...because I got only one shrimp in it. That and the server refused to give me cheese for it, because apparently it doesn't go with shrimp. I ate the single shrimp and then asked for cheese for my tomato sauce. And my wine (by the glass) tasted as if the bottle was open for about a week. I will never return.

            1. re: innercitykitty

              I too had a bad experience at 7 numbers just recently. Had the calamari, it came to our table oily, underseasoned and cold. Main course arrived the same way. Almost had the feeling that they had been assembled ahead, left sitting on the counter and brought out to our table.

              1. re: CDS

                I just had the best calamari I've had in this city at Fusilli on Queen at River. I eat the stuff every chance I get in practically every Mediterranean resto I go to. His was unlike any other.

                  1. re: Full tummy

                    It isn't a regular on the menu. It was a special that night. Given that it's been more than 7 months since I tasted it, I'll see what I can remember. If you're interested in trying it I suggest calling ahead.

                    The calamari was grilled and still bearing the marks and seasoning that can only be had by grilling. Then these tender tidbits were lightly graced by a homemade sauce of his own creation. I can't recall the elements, just that it was good. Next the warm squid was placed on a light salad bringing out the salad’s flavours and making the tomatoes ooze their juice into the sauce. Divine. Just a whisper of balsamic brought a gentle sweetness to the dish. Never have I had such a subtle and delicate rendition of calamari in this city. Typically I find it paired with something bitter, buried by a loud and fatty dip, or less than tender. This was elegant by virtue of it’s simplicity.

              2. re: innercitykitty

                I went to Seven Numbers during Winterlicious and it was terrible. Blah food and lacklustre service. I won't go back.

                Seven Numbers Restaurant
                343 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M5N1A1, CA

            2. re: Jenna

              I was at Seven Numbers on Danforth last night for Winterlicious and was very disappointed. I was totally impressed at first with the ipad menu/wine list. This changed once the food arrived. The portions were tiny and the food was mediocre at best. The fish of the day was sardines which are pretty limited in their appeal. One person in our party had them and said they were so-so and extremely bony. The steak was 4 ounces. 4 ounces - c'mon - don't even bother putting it on the menu if you can't at least manage 6 ounces. I had the beef cheeks which were surprisingly fatty, and tasted no different than any other beef that had been stewed to death. The fava beans that were cooked with the beef were undercooked and still hard. I ordered the salad as my side dish (out of a choice of salad, brussel sprouts or fennel). It was some kind of frilly lettuce which was so bitter that it was inedible. The best part was dessert - choice of either 2 miniscule but delicious lemon tarts, or a child size portion of tiramisu (also delicious). To top it all off, they don't even have cream available for coffee. It's milk or nothing. Many of us prefer cream and every other restaurant has both.
              The noise level was extremely high - I was with 2 other people at a small table and we had to scream to hear each other. Maybe this place is better the rest of the year, but I would not go back for anything 'licious.

              Seven Numbers
              516 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M5N, CA

              Seven Numbers Restaurant
              343 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M5N1A1, CA

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              1. j
                James Simmons

                Giancarlo Trattoria - College and Clinton - awesome Carpaccio with truffles - excellent wines (pick them off the wall, not a list) and service all good - patio eating during the summer.