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Oct 26, 2004 01:04 PM

Malhotra's Exotic Flavors

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This is a wonderful little place in Southwest Mississauga. It's at 3100 Ridgeway Drive (corner of Ridgeway and Laird behind Silvercity), in a little strip mall. Don't let the location put you off. Tony Malhotra (owner and chef) cooks a wonderful mix of Indian, Thai and Caribbean cuisine. His wife is the hostess and is so gracious and welcoming. It's a small restaurant, so reservations are a good idea on the weekends. The Paneer Tikka is my favourite appetizer, with the Samosas coming in a close second. His Bangkok chicken curry is my favourite entrée with the delicious homemade naan bread. My husband and I go to this restaurant about once a month (for the last 4 years) and never tire of it. The atmosphere is a big part of the experience for us.

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  1. I agree completely !
    Been going there on and off for several years. Cozy and friendly atmosphere; great food; gotta try the shrimp appetizer and the singapore noodles (extra hot please!) with a Kingfisher (Indian beer).
    One of the better choices in west-Mississauga.