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Burlington Hot Spots?

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I am heading to Burlington and would like some input on where to eat? A few of my likes are: Japanese (not just sushi -but all japanese) Korean, Dim Sum, Deli's, Roti even a nice coffe shop....oh the list could go on. But any feedback would be great! Regards.

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  1. There are actually a couple of good ones and all are on Fariview between Appleby and Walkers.
    There is Bahn Thai (I know I spelled that wrong) at Appleby and Walkers, there is a Korean/Japanese restaurant on the north side of Fariview next to the KFC between Appleby and Walkers and then there is Carmel (Mediterranean) at Walkers and Fairview

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      No question - The best in the city is Sakai – It has only been open a few months, and has attracted quite a following for Sushi and Korean fare.
      Address is 4155 Fairview, between Appleby and Walker’s Line. The phone number is 905-333-6585.
      Since it is known to get fairly busy toward the end of the week, I suggest a reservation – Ask far a booth, so that you are not stuck in the middle of the restaurant. Enjoy.

      1. In Oakville; speers road just west of 4th line; south side.
        Great roti's; I particularly like the veggie roti.
        A small place with like only 3 tables and a long line-up at lunch time ... a real local favorite !