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Oct 25, 2004 10:20 PM

Burlington Hot Spots?

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I am heading to Burlington and would like some input on where to eat? A few of my likes are: Japanese (not just sushi -but all japanese) Korean, Dim Sum, Deli's, Roti even a nice coffe shop....oh the list could go on. But any feedback would be great! Regards.

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  1. There are actually a couple of good ones and all are on Fariview between Appleby and Walkers.
    There is Bahn Thai (I know I spelled that wrong) at Appleby and Walkers, there is a Korean/Japanese restaurant on the north side of Fariview next to the KFC between Appleby and Walkers and then there is Carmel (Mediterranean) at Walkers and Fairview

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      No question - The best in the city is Sakai – It has only been open a few months, and has attracted quite a following for Sushi and Korean fare.
      Address is 4155 Fairview, between Appleby and Walker’s Line. The phone number is 905-333-6585.
      Since it is known to get fairly busy toward the end of the week, I suggest a reservation – Ask far a booth, so that you are not stuck in the middle of the restaurant. Enjoy.

      1. In Oakville; speers road just west of 4th line; south side.
        Great roti's; I particularly like the veggie roti.
        A small place with like only 3 tables and a long line-up at lunch time ... a real local favorite !


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          what is the name of the roti shop?

        2. There is a new Japanese restaurant at Brant and North service worth trying, hours are limited though. My recommendation is "The Alex" on Brant near James st. Great funky tapas style food sure to impress a variety of tastes. Alternatively I'd try Wendal Clark's.