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Oct 25, 2004 06:23 PM

Cafe Crepe at Queen West

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went there, ordered chocolate + banana crepe, and noticed that the none of the chefs wore gloves... saw him fixed his hair and then touched the crepe and arranging the sliced banana on it!!! yikes!!!!! gross!!!!!!!

my crepe became creepy!!!!! :o(

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  1. This is a real question (not trying to be sarcastic): Are Americans the only ones who make a big fuss over bad food/service?

    I would have talked to the manager, refused to pay and then got the name and number to the district/regional manager to complain again. (I was raised that way.)

    I am NOT an "ugly American", please don't get that idea, but I do hold customer service in very high regard. I only complain when there is a real reason.

    I am so surprised that other people just suffer in silence.