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Oct 25, 2004 10:29 AM

Restaurants near Elgin Theater

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We have tickets for a Sunday show at the Elgin Theater and would like a nice place nearby for dinner. We like almost all styles of cuisine, and appreciate good service. Any recommendations?

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  1. For thai, go to Linda's, which is the upstairs "fine dining" part of Salad King (one block north of dundas, just a few steps east of yonge). While Salad King has gotten a few mediocre reviews lately, Linda's is still a very nice experience. Superior Restaurant is just north of the theatre on yonge and has a nice atmosphere and reliable, though not spectacular, menu. Just a couple of blocks further away near yonge and adelaide on Toronto St. is the Rosewater Supper Club, which is a beautiful, gracious restaurant with a french menu (from Mark Thuet, formerly of The Fifth) and a great bar/lounge area.

    The price point goes up in order of my listing.

    1. There have been at least two previous threads on restaurants near the Elgin. Do a keyword search and you will find them. Have fun on Sunday!