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Oct 21, 2004 04:29 PM


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I have been a big fan of pupusas since discovering them in Kensington Market a few years ago, being made at the back of the Latin grocery store that is next to Jumbo Emapandas on Augusta. They shouldn't seem to work but somehow they do: meat paste or beans, and a mild fresh cheese patted into a masa harina dough to form a flat patty, pan-fried and served with coleslaw and a mild red sauce. They are so good, really nice comfort food, and watching the ladies at the store make them is a great show. Makes you feel like you are in Central America, if only for 15 minutes.

Questions: Best pupusas? Other places to get them? Different types?

They are an El Salvadoran street food commonly served at "Pupusarias" there.

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  1. Just in case you forgot, though I believed you already responded to my previous post:

    Tipico Familiar

    1. Whats with you and the papusas. How many times in this forum can you keep brining up the same topic?

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      1. re: fiasco

        There wasn't really an active thread on it and I wanted to highlite again. I was interested in additional opinions and wanted to get more visibility. El Tipico sounded interesting but surely there was more...

        If no-one is interested in this I won't bring it up again ;-)

        Have a nice day

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          Pupusa Hot at Jane and Lawrence, 1678 Jane is good. It should be called Pupusa Hut because it's a shack of a restaurant. Seems to be very authentic and nice people running it.

      2. You can also get pupusas at a restaurant that has El Salvadiorean on it's large window, they are $1.75 each. It is at the east end of a long strip plaza. On Finch West a couple sets of lights west of Weston Rd. is the great Thai Restaurant Royal Orchid. The strip mall is across the road and opposite!

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        1. re: Jar

          This is a pretty cozy place and the food is good; been there several times over a year ago. Too bad we can't find any closer downtown...we don't own a car :(
          There's also 'Pupusa Loca' on Steeles W, but not sure if it's still in business.
          Another good one in Scarborough but I forgot the name and they have relocated.

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            If you're looking for pupusas downtown, you can get them at Emporium Latino in Kensington Market (next door to Jumbo Empanada). Go all the way to the back of the grocery store -- they make them fresh to order.

            1. re: TorontoJo

              Thanks :)
              I'll check it out for sure.

        2. I must admit, I don't know if I lack the pupusa-loving gene or what, but to me, they are EXTREMELY overrated, particularly on this board. In my opinion, they are always either too doughy or too greasy. Just because they are cheap doesn't mean they are good! I read the posts on how out-of-towners MUST try a pupusa and the like, it is almost like someone has discovered a new species of fish or something. Nothing extraordinary, sorry!

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            Correct about them, like our common pancake, it can be greasy or too dense. Noticed the postings previously and never commented. For instance, didn't want to comment on Oregano at Finch West & Hwy 27, when my worker there said there was " too much pasta "???!!! In any case if on the subject of pupusas, let's say for a last time for a while perhaps, let's hear for the best and worse places. I have my opinions, but do not get to inner Toronto a lot to try them as I prefer other cusines if way into the city.

          2. Waited and it does seem little interest in the subject. Will be on the subject and wander and comment and on and on. Patience will be a virtue!!

            I can understand why children like pupusas, light, airy, delicate flavour. Well done, they are not even close to greasy or thick!

            The restaurant I mentioned on Finch West is superb, 99.9% El Salvador clientle, and music, do not feel out of place, enjoy!!

            Children can enjoy pupusas, presented as a type of pancake. They are amazed at the delicate, wonderful flavour of corn that governs the senes immediately.

            Presented as such, they wonder at the thinness of Indian Masala Dosa! Foods are out there to truly enjoy for all our various tastes!

            I have mentioned various terrific restaurants in the North West corner of the city and posted asking for some ideas, but not much came for North Weston/Etobicke. I am grateful for the idea of the weekend breakfast of a location I have been at, but not yet for the West Indian/Caribbean breakfast, soon though, yes!!

            The North West area can be frightening for the interested hungry leaving downtown Toronto heading to the 905 outskirts!

            Downtown, the Yonge Street strip up to Thornhill are well documented, even my former Scarboro/etc. Upscale of course to a large extent.

            It is great to find terrific places when one is so busy, hates ties, dressing up, etc.

            To that extent, my future postings will be ever so brief. Love Chowhound, but I work and work on the computer, selling music world-wide to collectors. An occasional deviation occurs and Chowhound has been wonderful!

            Pupusas to all, started out searching for the non-existent, a real Macedonian Restaurant, uuummmmm!