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Oct 21, 2004 01:34 PM

Trinity Square Cafetieria

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Wanted to mention the lunch-time cafeteria run by the church in Trinity square. Excellent home-made food with interesting, hearty and tasty soups, as well as several healthy hot-meal choices everyday, and really tasty desserts: pie, date square, chocolate cake and cookies. Recommend it as casual lunchtime place around the Eaton Centre.

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    Susan in Toronto

    I used to go there fairly often - food was pretty good. I remember they had really good scones. I still work around there, but never seem to get there for lunch.

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    1. re: Susan in Toronto

      The same group runs a cafe at the 519 Church St. Community Center also. They used to make a spicy Moroccan Tomato soup that was out of this world !

      1. re: EMQ

        They still have Moroccan Tomato Soup (peanut based and spicy) at Trinity - I could eat it every day! I find the baked goods of varying quality, but always homemade-tasting compared to other options in the area. The mains can be a little dull but some are quite good. Definitely think the homemade soups are the best thing about the place. Every now and then they have "Mexican bread pudding" that's pretty good.

    2. Just avoid the salad would be my advice. I work in the Eaton's Centre tower and have been a few times - great peacan pie. However, once I got a little eight legged friend in my salad. Haven't had a salad since! :)