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Oct 19, 2004 09:49 PM

where to buy spice jars

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I want to buy excellent quality glass spice jars (5 - 6 oz)--not the junk that they have at bulk barn. any suggestions? I want to buy 60 jars.

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  1. You could try Lee Valley Tools. They have 3.5 oz glass jars for $1.20 each in that quantity, or 6 oz. stainless steel canisters with acrylic inserts in the lids (to see contents) for $2.70 each. All of their products are very good quality.

    If you go to their website, type "jars" into their item search, and you'll see both types.

    Link: http://www.leevalley.com/home/main.asp

    1. Fortune Hardware on Spadina

      1. I like my round ones from Ikea that have a wide mouth -easy to get a measuring spoon in. I keep them in a drawer. Not so sure that the plastic lid provides a great freshness seal though.

        Link: http://www.ikea.ca/webapp/wcs/stores/...