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Mar 12, 2001 05:56 PM

3 nights in vancouver

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Help please! I'm traveling to vancouver on 3/29-3/31 with my husband. (We're big foodies from new york). I want 1-2 dinners that are romantic with great wine and food, and then suggestions for lunch and breakfasts....All reccomendations will be appreciated. Anything else you want to tell me, I'm happy to absorb. Thanks in advance..

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    Matthew Amster-Burton

    I'm not sure how impressive you'll find it if you eat at the better Chinese places in New York, but I've never tired of Szechuan Chongqing Restaurant at 12th and Commercial, and I've been going there fairly regularly for thirteen years. The deluxe tan tan noodles are exemplars of the breed, and I also love the orange peel beef, anything with prawns, and especially the scallion pancakes. They also do dim sum, but there are better places for that. It's the kind of place that makes a lot of chowhounds nostalgic, I think: Chinese-American food before it got bad.

    On Venables St., I think, there's La Casa Gelato, which has over 130 flavors of ice cream (not gelato, to the extent that I can distinguish them) including things like durian and garlic but also good ones. The minimum you can get is a double scoop, which is good because you'll want to try several. I've never found the ice cream to be as good as, say, B&J's, but it's an unforgettable experience, and the chocolate-chile is better than it sounds.

    That's what comes to mind. Have a great trip--Vancouver is wonderful.