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Oct 18, 2004 05:49 PM

Bubble Tea

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I have recently became addicted to Bubble Tea and am now in search of Toronto's best! Is one bubble tea place the same as the next or are there truly outstanding bubble tea places in Toronto?

What are the hours of the places you suggest and what are your favourite flavours of bubble tea?


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    Frances in Toronto


    my favourite tea house is not in downtown. it is a chain that is both in First Markham Place's mall food court as well as Market Village's mall food court. It is called "Tasty House." you should try them for good bubble tea but they are kind of far away. the hours of these food courts are usually 12pm - 9pm or something like that.

    as for where in downtown... besides the usual Tea 168 franchise places, and also the Ten Ren tea house (located on Dundas in chinatown, just a few blocks east of Spadina)... i'm not sure where else there would be good bubble tea... those are a few places to start i suppose...

    favourite flavours: classic milk tea (black tea), honey green tea, lychee green tea.

    1. There's a bubble tea place at Queen and Spadina (on Spadina - beside McD's) - it's called EZone.

      It's open ALL the time... they stay open VERY late. I love this place cuz it's nice and cozy, very modern.

      Their menu is quite extensive - you can order snacks and even taro ice cream (which is really good!).

      This place is pretty good for people who don't even like bubble tea - as they have other drinks that are really really good! They've got a whole bunch of different smoothie type drinks, even fruit slushies with fruits. (YUM!)

      My favorite bubble tea drinks are - pudding, honeydew, taro, green apple green tea w/ green apple jelly.

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      1. re: bbt_girl

        bubble tea from ezone is so bad! it's so powdery!

        as for the place it self... they are incredible rude and have silly rules about where you can sit.

        i went there once and the place was literally empty, so we assumed we could have a couch. when we went to sit they said we couldn't because the couchs are only for large groups. we were only two. omg... having to argue with them for a seat at one of the ten couches was ridiculous. they said we had to sit at a high table.

        DO NOT GO THERE!

        1. re: karen

          I've never had that experience.

          I went there with a friend (so it was the 2 of us) - the allowed us to sit anywhere we liked - we sat on the couch.

          I prefer going there for their more dessert-like drinks or the slushies - they are NOT powdery.

          1. re: bbt_girl

            no one said you had to agree with me.

            but just because you didn't experience bad service and bad bubble tea doesn't mean it didn't happen.

            i've had lots of bubble tea and it is definitely better elsewhere, like ten ren or tea shop 168 or whatever that chain is called.

            1. re: karen

              I actually don't find 168 that great, there bubble tea is powdery, at least the ones that I have been to (downtown and in scarborough).

              However, I do find that the BUBBLE TEA at Ezone isn't as great as some other places... but it isn't why you go there (as I mentioned in my earlier post) - it's good for their dessert-like drinks and slushie-type-fruity drinks. Those, you cannot deny, are REALLY good.

        2. re: bbt_girl

          ...and ~I~ got a great hair cut at EZone, too--somone said it made me look like Syney Bristow from Alias ;-)

        3. Tea 168 is good (misc it) but I find them a bit too sweet.

          I find the highest quality at Ten Ren (also google). Not too sweet. Get the green tea with red bean. I also hate it when other bubble tea places dont mix well and you can taste the powder. Its like drinking baby powder!

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          1. re: Goober

            I always find Bubble Tea too sweet, so I just started asking for them with half sugar -- and that solves the problem of "too sweet" just about everywhere.

          2. I like Bubble Tea or Me.
            it has three locations
            1) Yonge and Clark (A few blocks north of Steeles)
            2) Kiosk in Pacific Mall (North EAst Corner)
            3) First Markham Place ( Hw. 7, Westof Warden)

            I really like the drinks here because they don't taste powdery, and service isn't rude. Bubble tea is a taiwanese specialty (rather new, say past 15 years), and in addition, this place has really good Taiwanese snacks and food items to order as well. Now that almost every noodle shop in Chinatown and get this, some locations of Coffee Time have bubble tea on their menu, it really pays to search out the really good locations

            1. the two bubble tea places in First Markham Place are really good and also cheaper than most other places. One is the above mentioned "Bubble Tea or Me" and the other is "A Place For Us". One of them also has free wireless internet.

              i've had many bad experiences with the Tea Shop 168 chain at various locations around the city . . .

              i like the coffee milk tea. they don't tend to be as sweet but they have to be made correctly.

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              1. re: missing

                I can't remember which one of those places my friend took me to a long time ago... but I remember having condensed milk toast - it was SO good!!

                I've tried it at other places, but none of them have compared to that place (wish I could remember which place it was).