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Oct 18, 2004 11:04 AM

best cheap steak?

  • k

i did a search but all the places are pretty pricy.

where can i get a great steak for a cheap price eg. student budget. and please don't say the tulip.


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  1. Tulip.

    Anything less and it's not worth ordering steak.

    Cheapest: make it yourself.

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    1. re: Negaduck

      again.. please not the tulip!

      there must be somewhere else in this huge city to get a great cheap steak!

      making myself is fine, but i want it grilled and i don't have a bbq.

      no one knows of a secret chowhound spot?

      1. re: karen

        Well if you are looking for a "secret" spot...!!!

        Some of the out the way Greek places on the Danforth do an OK steak, for a reasonable price with not bad ambience (but avoid Mr Greek and Friendly Greek). One such place (though we have had very mixed meals here) is at Dewhurst and Danforth on the North side near the TD Canada Trust (sorry the name escapes me). They also hand out a lot 2 for 1 coupons in the neighbourhood so food is often quite reasonable. Will post again tomorrow after I check out the name.

        Still not sure you can beat the $15-$20 specials at Le bifteque though.

        1. re: bluedog

          Can you tell us a little about their specials? Can't find any mention of specials or any prices at all on their website. So do they have a daily steak special in that price range - does it come with sides?


          1. re: julesrules

            Haven't been there in a year but at that time they were advertising, pretty regulary, 16.95 for steak (Top sirloin or NY?), and various sides (BP+Veg). I know that my wife and I ate there for about $80 for two including wine and dessert. I thought that was a standard "special" offering; didn't mean to imply it was an unadvertised special.

            Anyhow, it was the steakhouse experience for a reasonable price. Steak was as good than many higher priced venues, though the sides were not great. We had anothe glass of wine and decided not to care! Who goes to a steakhouse for the sides anyhow?

            1. re: julesrules

              Walked by here at lunch. Prices have gone up. 18.95 gets 12 oz. New York Strip with Salad and a side. A glass of wine is about $6.

              As fo the earlier comments on cooking one's self, try the Royal Beef on Danforth near Woodbine. Paul Estrella is one of the best butchers in the city.

              End of topic for me as I really don't care for steak.

              1. re: bluedog

                I have never been disappointed with anything I have bought at Royal Beef.For a food steak I always go to Byzanthium's on Church Street.The "classic" is just rhe right size, the frites are always great and for less than $20 excellent value.

            2. re: bluedog

              Le Biftheque is cheap - with good reason! The steak is awful. And the service matches.

              1. re: estufarian


                As I said I dislike steak houses. I think they are all pretty bad, 12 oz of well marbled meat leaves me feeling pretty ill for a few days, and in general steak requires relatively little finesse in the execution, so mostly I avoid them.

                But... if you want the steakhouse experience (which she seems to), and you don't want to pay steakhouse prices (which she doesn't) I still think Le Biftheque is not bad, and I honestly can't believe I'm defending it! I feel the same way about the Keg, though it is pricier, and the Tulip was just a bad experience all around, though I know I am in the minority.

                Beleive it or not i think the steak at LB was well-reviewed in the Globe seveal years ago, though if I remember Ms. Kates, was not enamoured of anything else.

                If you want a cheap meal, with authenticity and an interesting experience, forget about large hunks of meat. Go have pupusas in Kensington Market.

                1. re: bluedog

                  I understand you are not a steak fan but saying "in general steak requires relatively little finesse in the execution" goes contrary to the fact that no one can name a good cheap steak place! if it was so easy everyone would do it!

                  I love a good steak but will not pay Harbour 60 prices for one... The Keg is usually OK... I had a steak at Rosewater that was amazing (I did not pay so I dont know the price) Actually I prefere the smaller steaks like at Rosewater they are easier to cook to perfection and dont leave you feeling bloated. You still can appreciate the apps, sides and desert...

                  One place that I also eat at is Remys in Yorkville they have a 7oz Filet Mignon topped with tiger shrimp & bearnaise sauce for $28 not "cheap" but for surf and turf with sides included it is not bad..

                  1. re: Rob

                    The cost of a good steak, as far as my understanding, is redults from how the animal is raised, fed, slaughtered, dissected and aged. Honestly didn't mean to offend steak lovers, all I was saying is that grilling a steak does not require the finesse of putting interesting ingrediants in imaginative ways.

                    I have had great steak at various places also, but mostly not in TO, and I also order the smaller tenderloin cuts, as otherwise I get ill.

                    Remy's sounds good.

                    In the end I really just hope that karen finds what she's looking for!

            3. re: karen

              Not to dissuade you from your search, but if you change your mind on making it at home, I have a BBQ and I've given up using it for steaks since I started making them "the Chowhound way", on a cast iron skillet. Take a look at the thread below for some fantastic advice. I'm never going back to my BBQ for steaks.


            4. Not a steak fan but I also would not recommend the overrated Tulip. Sure the steak is OK but face it, it's a diner, and if one is looking for an evening out, it is not a "nice" place. For sheer value combined with ambience, and for a nice evening, Le Bifteque is hard to beat, as long as you stick to the specials. Good on a budget and a date will not be unimpressed. However I am sure that there will be dissenting voices!!

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              1. re: bluedog

                Le Bifteque

                you have got to be kidding. for example at the down town i had to return the steak three times because it was not prepaered as i wanted. another time the service was so bad (waited 1 hr and 15 minutes to be served a apitizer that we got our meal free, and the stak was chewy etc.)

                this rest is good if you have no other choice, but even then i would not go there (in total in various locations/times (total of four) i have nothing but problems.)

                they hire, it seems, anyone of the street to do the cooking and do not know how to cook a good steak.

                for anyone... a good steak place, weather cheap or exensive, should know how to cook a steak pittsburg/chicago style. if they don't know what you are talking about LEAVE

                1. re: bob

                  OKOKOKOK I concede!!!! LB is awful bad disgusting! Don't GO! Don't take your friends! Let's picket the place! Let's have a swarming event there at lunch and warn people!

                  For what it's worth I have had the same experience at the Keg and only go there when i am dragged.

                  1. re: bluedog

                    Actually, I don't mind Le Biftheque at all - maybe I've been lucky, but friends and I have been happy with the meals we've had there. For the price, I'm not expecting miracles, but it has been better than some pricier places I've been to in my life.

                    1. re: stein88

                      Thank-you! Exactly the point I have been trying to make: sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. But sometimes you just want a cigar!

              2. f

                I would recommend Le Paradis. The menu changes daily, but they always have a steak au poivre and a bavette on the menu, and lately they have offered some other tasty variations as well. It's almost always packed so reservations are recommended.


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                  1. re: RM

                    Although I have never been there, my friend swears The Purple Onion makes an excellent, cheap steak. He has converted more than one person.

                1. You may want to try some of the pubs. I used to go to a pub (now closed) that had a steak on the menu but it was quite plain. I told them how much I missed BBQ and they threw it on the grill a with some of the bbq sauce from their wings and I had a great meal...

                  1. You can get a reasonable steak dinner at the Keg (definitely better than Le Bift!) and order one of the "classics" (comes with a huge salad-the house is best, potato, veggies and bread) but only if you go to the Church & Front Street location. The Mansion is hit or miss depending on how busy the kitchen is and the York location is more for people watching and schmoozing.