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Mar 12, 2001 04:25 PM

3 nights in vancouver

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Help please! I'm traveling to vancouver on 3/29-3/31 with my husband. (We're big foodies from new york). I want 1-2 dinners that are romantic with great wine and food, and then suggestions for lunch and breakfasts....All reccomendations will be appreciated. Anything else you want to tell me, I'm happy to absorb. Thanks in advance..

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  1. There is a restaurant at the top of Queen Elizabeth Park that is very good. You can enjoy the view as the sun goes down then stroll into the restaurant for dinner. It's called Seasons in the Park.

    1. There's lots of information about Vancouver restaurants already in existence on Chowhound. Some is on the Pacific Northwest Board, and some on the International Board. I suggest that you use the search function in the upper right-hand corner of Chowhound's Main Board, type in "vancouver," click on "chew," and--presto--you'll have loads of interesting stuff to read about Vancouver, some by yours truly.

      I highly recommend Phnom Penh, a Cambodian/Vietnamese restaurant. Try the garlic pepper squid (grandma's recipe); Vietnamese steamed rice paste topped with shrimp, shredded pork, and pork skin, with coconut sauce); and raw beef filet with anchovies.

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        FWIW, at least one hound (this one) thinks Phnom Penh is just okay. Actually, not even just okay, including the vaunted squid, especially in a city where there is Sun Sui Wah to be eaten at one more time. Go at least twice to Sun Sui Wah, once for dim sum and at least one more time for dinner. On a recent four day trip, I proved almost Dave Feldman-like in devotion, ending up there five times.

        Oh--Lumiere's good too.