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Mar 11, 2001 09:44 PM

Restaurants around Port Ludlow?

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I was wondering if someone could recommend a good restaurant in or around Port Ludlow?

Also, has anyone been to the Olympic Hotel in Seattle for their afternoon tea? What was their experience? Thanks!


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  1. Well, there's the Inn at Ludlow Bay, but I've not been impressed with the food there lately, and think that you can do much better elsewhere, especially given the relatively high prices charged at Ludlow Bay. Up in Port Townsend, about a 15 to 20 minute drive, I recommend Lonny's Restaurant at 2330 Washington St. Lonny's serves excellent seafood (e.g., local Dabob Bay oyster stew with pancetta, fennel, and leeks), pasta (e.g., prawn curry with penne regate), and good deserts. For real good burgers, the place is Jake's Original Grill. Other places in Port Townsend include a decent Thai restaurant, Khu Larb Thai, and Lanza's Ristorante for pasta, and Salal Cafe for breakfast.

    In Chimacum, the Chimacum Cafe offers a good, straight-ahead breakfast (e.g., bacon, eggs, and hash browns), plus good pie (especially the wild blackberry pie). I've never eaten breakfast at Chimacum Cafe without having a slice of pie to finish things off.

    Other places within a reasonable drive of Port Ludlow include the Ajax Cafe, 271 Water Street, in Port Hadlock, and, just across the Hood Canal Floating Bridge, Molly Ward Gardens, 27462 Big Valley Road N.E., in Poulsbo. The homey, country atmosphere at Molly Ward is especially charming.

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      I agree with the Inn at Ludlow Bay. Did an executive retreat where we had a small dinner for 12 there, and the next day a larger luncheon. I thought the food was terrible.