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Oct 15, 2004 01:47 PM


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Has anyone been to this restaurant? It is on Adelaide, near Sherbourne (I think) and I've heard some good things about it, but wanted to get some more opinions.


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  1. It's one of those places that I drive by all the time saying that I should stop by and check out but I never have!

    Another like that is the "Fig Leaf" on Adelaide & Toronto... anyone ever been? It looks great inside from the window but I never see anyone go in....

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    1. re: Rob

      Been there's primarly Italian food...I thought it would be Greek since the decor would suggest so..??
      I had a pasta for lunch, pretty good..
      It's definitely not casual dining, a little more upscale, the clientele were mostly people in suits which is indicative of the area...

      1. re: DimSum

        I went to Fig Leaf when it was still on Richmond and a tiny joint next to the Bay that was only open for lunch. A friend's friend brought us there once. I remember the food was delicious (we were served once after opening hours for dinner). Definitely Italian, cooked by an Italian "mama". Used to be just her and her son running the business (him doing the waiting etc.).

        So how is this new location? Is it a real restaurant now? Is the mama still cooking in the kitchen?

        1. re: garp

          Skip it...

          I am a "suit" that works in the area and unfortunately my boss drags us there for a working lunch every so often. The menu is small and uninspired, and seasoning is non existent... the red sauce on almost everything is dreadful. Coke in cans!

          If mama is still in the kitchen she needs to retire.

        2. re: DimSum

          I used to work at a bay street agency and they did all of our catering. Good my lunch catering standards but I've never eaten at the actual location.

      2. This is a real hangout for advertising people. I have been several times over the years and can recommend the pulled pork sandwich. I don't really remember much else.

        1. I went there for lunch in the spring. I can't remember exactly what I had (too many meals ago!) but I do recall it was pretty good. Better than your typical pub grub. More upscale and the food was creative and fresh. Nicely presented also. We did have the hip chips and they were tasty. There were 6 of us and everyone enjoyed their meals, they were very accommodating to everyone's needs (a couple of vegetarians, someone was carb free and another one couldn't do anything with vinegar). I would go back if I am in the neighbourhood again. Let us know how you find it.

          1. have been to the vox for lunch several times...their sandwiches are excellent; it's just the place for a pint + some good, basic food after work.