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Oct 14, 2004 05:10 PM

Birthday celebration dinner for about 20

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I am thinking about surprising my husband for a special birthday celebration with some of his friends. It will probably be around 20 of us when all is said and done.

I don't want to ask any of them to contribute, and having said that, I do not have the budget for a "top" TO restaurant.

Does anyone have any suggestions of places with:

(a) nice ambiance, atmosphere, etc.;
(b) suitable for large parties;
(c) not overly pricey, and
(d) an owner/staff that will work with me reagrding selecting wines to serve and perhaps a set menu?

My husband likes all kinds of food, esp. Italian, Chinese, Japanese (just not Thai or Indian, those are his least favs).


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  1. I had my Birthday at Laide on Adelaide East of Church. Had a fabulous time and the female owners (who are also the bartenders) really worked hard to accomadate us. The place is small (about 70 seats) so a party of 20 would fit in perfectly.

    Everything on their menu is under $16 and they did mention that they do set menus...


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    1. re: Jim
      Elastic Waistband

      Thanks for all the great suggestions...keep 'em coming..

      Anyone been to a gathering at Terroni on Yonge at Balmoral? I heard that they have a small party room.

      1. re: Elastic Waistband
        peppermint pate

        I'm a big fan of Terroni. The side room is used for overflow tables on busy nights (for which I prefer the main room) but you can also reserve it for larger groups. I did that recently for a group of 20 and it was great. I also spoke with the manager, Anna, in advance and pre-ordered the menu, had the various salads and pastas plattered, etc. We had a great time and the bill was quite reasonable.

        1. re: peppermint pate
          Elastic Waistband

          Pate - do you mind me asking how much it cost for the 20 of you?

          If you are able to answer that, did it include wine or cocktails at all?


      1. The previous suggestions sound great. What about Autogrill on Eglinton, just west of Avenue Rd? Fun, good food, good for a party that size.

        1. Try an authentic Chinese banquet fit for a king.

          Dynasty on Bloor
          Dragon Dynasty
          Gold Court Abalone Restaurant
          Oriental Century Palace Restaurant

          1. El Bogedon on College might be fun - good sangria!