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Oct 13, 2004 05:14 PM


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Would appreciate suggestions for a decent meal near the Woodbine race Track
Indian, Italian, almost anything, but no buffets.
Much appreciated

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  1. Disclosure: I work there.

    What about... Woodbine? They've got a bunch of restaurants in the building, including quite a nice... wait for it... buffet called "favourites" (international cuisine, fresh and nicely laid out, certainly not a "been there for 4 hours hot table" type buffet). There are also a few restos in the slot area, and I believe (not having been there myself) that Willows is the 'good one'.

    On to those places outside the confines of woodbine...

    Italian (recommended by my colleague, haven't been there myself) would be Oregano's, at Hwy 27 and Humber College Blvd.

    Lots of Indian/ Pakistani/ Central Asian places in the area, my faves are Madras Dosa Hut at Albion and Islington, 1123 Albion...

    (a lunch buffet, don't know about dinner buffets, but you can also order a la carte, and the dosas are always fresh out of the kitchen).

    Tandoori Time, east of Hwy 27 on Albion, 1727 Albion Road. A mini-chain of 3 places, find my review here...



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    1. re: Schmal

      Thank you, I will try both the Indian you suggest and the Italian.
      As for the food at the track, I think it is awful, sorry.
      Now, the truth is my husband hates buffets in any case.

      1. re: erly

        I also just went to a place called "Kebob House" (I think that was the name) in the little strip mall at the corner of Goreway and Derry. Rexdale blvd. turns to Derry once it crosses over the 427 travelling west (Woodbine is on Rexdale), and Goreway is a couple of lights past the highway on Derry. The restaurant is kitty corner to a Mcdonalds.

        Anyway, I quite enjoyed the meal: I asked for "whatever was recommended", and he suggested the chicken tikka, which I got, with rice (naan is an option). The chicken was very tender, not dry at all (seems to be often the case), came with a nice sauce (yogourt?? cucumber based??), some tasty spiced basmati rice and an OK green salad. Perhaps a bit expensive at $11 with a pop, but it was nicely tasty and, IMHO, worth it. The vibe was friendly and busy, with a lot of folks in for lunch, and the proprietors seemed happy to provide you with a nice meal (also hard to find these days, it seems).

        Also in the strip mall and possibly worth a visit is "Mr. Jerk" (was that the name? It's a few doors down from the kebob place). Folks here at work have spoken very highly of it, and it's been mentioned on this list a few times. I've only been once and was middle-whelmed by the experience... neither here nor there, I though, but I have been meaning to give it another try in giving them the benefit of the doubt.

      2. re: Schmal

        to schmal,
        If you come this far down on the board again.
        Oregeno's doesn't exist, except somewhere on north Yonge, and in Ottawa.
        Your friend has it wrong.
        The only restaurants there, are a wrap place and an empty Chinese Resto. (I mean no patrons)
        We were in the area anyway, and when we got there I phoned the operator
        I will try the Indian next time.

        1. re: erly

          Name may be different spelling, but the restaurant is in the North East Plaza at 27 & Finch at the very west end. Heading north from Woodbine, make a right at Finch and it is immediately on your left as you head for plaza entrance. Knew a lady who worked there, never went only due to desires for more exotic tastes!

          1. re: Jar

            I was in the plaza last night, so it must have closed up
            Thanks for trying

            1. re: erly

              Oregano's does exist - I eat lunch there at least once a week. It is on the Northeast corner of Finch & Hwy27 right next to Harvey's.

      3. For Indian, try Exotic Indian Cuisine which can be found by heading north on 27 from Woodbine, to Albion Rd and make a left. Just past the first set of lights where a donut shop is on the corner, put on your right signal to turn right and there is the restaurant. Closed Monday, possibly Sunday.

        The expert husband/wife chefs will even eagerly prepare you something special!!! EXCELLENT!!!