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Oct 12, 2004 10:45 AM

Dangerous Dan's Burgers - Queen & Broadview

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Went to Dangerous Dan's (Double D's) on Saturday for a quick burger. The place is a hole in the wall type geasy spoon... The seating was actually CAR seats complete with seat belts! Ordered the standard burger with fried onions and fries. The burger was very thick (almost too thick) Onions were perfectly done, soft but not mushy. The bun was soft and fresh with the burger well cooked but not dry. The only disapointment was the fries. They seemed to have been soaking in oil for way too long, each one was thouroughly embedded with grease.

All in all a great place for lucnh the moning after drinking!

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  1. s
    Susan in Toronto

    It's in our neighbourhood and we've had lunch there a couple of times. Servings are huge. I actually saw someone order the giant burger which comes with cheese, eggs, bacon, the whole bit - cardiac plate or something along those lines ..........

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    1. re: Susan in Toronto

      Agree re filth of the place. I would never go back.

    2. u
      Uncle Jimmy Deluxe

      I am sorry, but your review runs counter to a lot of loyal Double D fans. Don't be sad becasue you couldn't finish your Burger (are you kidding me) and ate the fries. Too thick? thats the point! Man up and try the Coronary Burger or the incredible Quad C. The Double D exisits for "the grease" like most local places. It is also about the Giant Burgers.

      I have taken on the Quad C and can proudly say I lost. The food of the Double D is legendary! I know about a dozen people that swear by it.

      So to all reading this don't trust this review its wrong and unfounded. Dan's appeal is what this guy doesn't like. Head back to the salad bar, the men want to have a meal. Its great with good Micro Brews on tap and bunch of genuine people that work there. I hope I took your review the wrong way but it seems a little suspect.

      Try the Wings and the Beef Ribs (fantastic). As the mighty Gene- O has said "a little bit of heaven."

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      1. re: Uncle Jimmy Deluxe

        I must say the Uncle is right - Double D's is awesome! God bless America and American Made Cars!

        Find me a big deep fryer I'm jumping in!

        1. re: Gene - O

          I agree!
          I went there for dinner last night and had the oh-so-famous Coronary Burger..There's nothing like being on the Wall of Gluttony!

          1. re: DimSum

            I'm not sure what the excitement's all about. The burgers were middling at best and the tables and seats were filthy with crumbs and remnants from other diners.

            1. re: jeffries

              I agree,jeffries.
              The food is good enough, but service was terrible, and when I looked up at the ceiling fan above me,I prayed that the 6 inch deep layer of dust and grime would not fly off into my food.

          2. re: Gene - O

            Having ended up with fingers in the deep fryer at [Dangerous - and now deceased - Dave's], I don't recommend jumping in! I want to try Dangerous Dan's though. I will ask them to hold the bun and see if they cry sacrilege. (Carbs good! Wheat very bad for me)

          3. re: Uncle Jimmy Deluxe

            I am very confused-are we reading the same review? I thought Rob gave one in favor of the place. He said good things about the onion rings, the bun and the way the burger was cooked. (After reading his review, I actually want to try this place. The atmosphere seems fun!) All he said was his fries ("my ONLY disappointment") were a little greasy.

            Why are you acting like he gave a bad review? Even if he did, why take it so personal? Restaurant reviews (like movie reviews) are just a matter of opinion and taste.

            1. re: Uncle Jimmy Deluxe

              I dont know what you were reading but you got everything backwards... I liked the burger... I finsihed every bite... but left half the fries because they were old and greasy...

              1. re: Uncle Jimmy Deluxe

                We were in on Sunday night at about 8pm...unfortunately, the 9 or so patrons that were seated before the Slayer show at the Opera House (yikes) really threw the owner/head chef off his game. He was "in the weeds" for our entire stay, shouting demeaning slander at his line cooks. We each ordered a signature burger, with everything and shared a small poutine. Burgers were pink and uncooked and the poutine was cold mush in a bowl of gravy. Nasty. Don't bother.

                1. re: kmacer

                  Dangerous Dans delivers poorly cooked burgers and mushy slop poutine regardless of who is playing at the Opera House. And it was a sold out At The Gates farwell show, not Slayer - come on, pay attention!!!

              2. I went to Dangerous Dans for the first time last week. I kept everything pretty basic. Ordered their burger which was quite large well done but not dried out. But I found their fries to pretty good. They werent greasy and they seemed to be made fresh. Not your run of the mill frozen McCains. They tasted like maybe they could be potatoes. I would definitely go back.

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                1. re: Justyn Tyme

                  I really dislike this place. Been there many times, well ordered from there many times because it's the only thing that delivers late in this neck of the woods. Best: Rib dinner (when the ribs aren't simply fat on a stick) and their Spicey wings. Can't stand the burgers, but also am not a fan of the "bigger is better" mentality

                  1. re: MinkusMan

                    "Bigger is Better..... Yeah right... Nobody with any taste could be a fan of this hole...

                2. Being a dessert fiend, i went to get a sugar fix from Dangerous Dan's. I ordered the brownie sundae and two orders of the pan fried cookie dough . The brownie was decent: it was moist and thick (but a bit cold), on the whole nothing spectacular. however, the 1st cookie dough order.. divine!!.. melt in your mouth goodness... pratically licked the plate clean. Unfortunately the second order arrived slightly over-charred and tasted more burnt than anthing.

                  1. Catching up on "You Gotta Eat Here!!" on the PVR and losing respect for the show. On a recent episode, they went to Dangerous Dan's. The burgers displayed on the show looked NOTHING at all like the burgers I've had there. However I've not been in about five years. But I had friends that would drunkenly swear by this place and I always got a dry, chewy, hockey puck style burger and rarely finished it.

                    The burgers on the show looked much more juicy and a regular burger shape, not the round wad of overcooked dry stuff I was served. Is this just showing off for the show or has something changed here?

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                    1. re: abigllama

                      I know, DD's burgers were NOTHING like what was featured on YGEH.

                      My only experience there was less than stellar - to say the least.

                      And DD was a total a$$hole.

                      That show has featured both garbage places and places that are worthy of praise. But yes, certainly not a consistenly reliable source for foodies.

                      1. re: magic

                        I can't imagine how one could have any less respect for YGEH, it's painful to watch.
                        No discernible criteria - quality or otherwise - to be featured on the show, and truly insufferable segments - for me, the only way it could be worse is if they also brought Sean Cullen in to co-host. :-)

                        1. re: TorontoTips

                          It's just a very lame clone of DDD. Wouldn't surprise me if (to satisfy those stupid "Canadian Content rules") Food Network Canada stops showing DDD and only shows YGEH. Which they did when we lost Food Network USA, shows were replaced by lame Canadian clones. But that's for another board.

                        2. re: magic

                          i have to say, i found dd to be an affable dude, but if you're not into banter, he could be very off-putting. he definitely likes to hear the sound of his own voice, and i can see how some would find it really annoying. the burgers are pretty bad, imho, so you don't go there for good food. and the idea of recycling dumpsterized minivan seats is somewhere between unsanitary and disgusting. the reek of some of the seating options is pretty bad, and could put you off the whole dining experience. as for ygeh, i don't mind catucci--i saw him when they visited burger's priest, so no, they aren't hitting only mediocre joints. and imho, i dropped in on a ddd selection last month (sylvia's in buffalo) and found it to be overrated, so i don't think they bat 1.000 either. . .

                          1. re: afong56

                            You mean Sophia's.

                            I love Sophia's.

                            To me at least Dangerous Dan was absolute prick.

                            1. re: magic

                              sorry, sophia's. . .i felt the service was really spotty, just as a lot of the negative reviews had warned. it was one of those places where you sat and watched other tables that arrived after you get served their food. portions were large, but then again, i have been to very few diners in the u.s. where they weren't. . .i guess when the spotlight gets shined, expectations get raised.

                              1. re: afong56

                                While kind of roaming off topic here, it's odd, as my experiences at Sophia's have been the exact opposite of yours. They've been utterly lovely. I feel like family even though they don't know me from Adam. That's too bad about your visits :(