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Oct 8, 2004 09:02 PM

RASOEE The Indian Kitchen (Downtown)...???

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Is this any good? It looks good. I LOVE Indian food and am hoping to sample a few different places while I am visiting Toronto.

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  1. It's a chain and I believe that it's fast food cafeteria style?

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    1. re: Viola

      Yes, I know that ... But sometimes these places have very Chow-Worthy food. Have you been there?

      1. re: Rachel-L.
        shanghai noodle

        i live/work nearby and have been a few times when it first opened. the food wasn't very good. more recently i went to give it another shot, and sadly it's the same. it's not very good even for a fast food place. even the rice isn't good (think uncle ben's). for indian fast food there's a place in the first cdn place food court (can't remember the name, it's been a few years) that is much better.

        but for a true chowish indian place closeby, you're better off going to ghandi roti on queen near bathurst. the butter chicken in their rotis is in a whole different league than what they serve at rasoee.

        if you want a more complete menu, then try any of the three sit down indian restaurants on the south side of queen close to mccaul (babur is probably the best of the lot), especially at lunch when they all have buffet specials for a few dollars more than rasoee's "combo platter".

        1. re: shanghai noodle

          I couldn't agree more.....go to Gandhi if you are in need of indian takeout downtown.

          the Scarborough Rasoee (1515 Birchmount south of Ellesmere) is much better than downtown


          1. re: shanghai noodle

            What a whacked out opinion. I lived in England for many years and finally found one Indian restaurant in Toronto that actually makes excellent curry. Rasoee has spectacular food, especially their butter chicken. You should see the line-up these guys have during lunch!!!

            Rasoee has amazing food. Their butter chicken is to die for!!! Their biryani is excellent and their lamb curry probably rates as among the best in Toronto. It's such a nice clean place with such pleasant service -- quite the opposite compared to that hole in the wall called Gandhi. Seriously, Rasoee is probably the only Indian restaurant in Toronto that has high calibre Indian food, and that too at such reasonable prices!!!


            1. re: Adam Firsk

              Was this written by an owner or employee?..hmmm

              Gandhi serves brilliant roti, the place neeeds some paint but the food is glorious.

              1. re: Adam Firsk

                Rasoee is gross. They should be ashamed for the food they serve.

        2. Rasoee has been hit and miss for me (mostly miss). The butter chicken was thinned out watery sauce. The Naan is ok. Rice is average. This is McDonald's/indian.. I'm not a big fan.
          4 / 10

            1. I have to agree that the Rasoee on Birchmount is much better than the one on Richmond. It'd be much better to check out Little India on Queen St. W. I won't say it's the best Indian in Toronto, but we have always had excellent meals there and the service is great.

              1. Sorry, Rasoee is not indian food (lol).
                Lahore Tikka House
                even Trimurti

                There are plenty of great places for Indian food